M offers 2017 (FL) CB Shaun Wade

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A while back I wrote about one of my players, Shaun Wade, who had just received an offer from OSU and some ACC teams, asking for help getting M's attention. He texted today to let me know that Roy Manning reached out to him and offered.

'16 CB Shaun Wade receives offers from Michigan #Wolverines, Indiana #Hoosiers. (http://t.co/J760ydiN6B)

— Adam Krohn (@AKRivals) November 14, 2014

For those who don't remember, he's also Top 100 for basketball in 2017


He knows that Brady Hoke is basically a dead man walking and said that he still wants to visit the campus. We will see how it goes over the course of the next couple of months, will be interesting to see if Manning stays regardless. Go Blue! NOTE: Rivals guy tweeted incorrectly, he's 2017.


rob f

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if Time Has Come Today:






or, if you have more time today, the fantastic uncut LP version (BTW, stay away from the brown acid!) :


And (since Veterans Day was observed earlier this week), an alternative, somewhat politicized version, including a lot of Vietnam shots:


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Enjoy the extended live performance of "Wade In The Water" plus "People Get Ready" and another extended performance of "Time Has Come Today"

For those of us who were in college radio in the late 60s and early 70s, if you weren't playing the second side of Abbey Road, The Chambers Brothers were the go-to band for extended cuts that allowed us to pull news stories and sports scores off the old UPI Teletype . . . or to just get a bathroom break during a four-hour show.


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Congrats coach and player!

The Team, The Team, The Team can at this stage be interpreted as The School, The School, The School for Shaun's recruiting purposes.

Sounds like a heady young man who has a great perspective, keeping in mind the inevitable CC coming. UM will hire a great coach; with hope, the program will also land a great corner prospect on Shaun.

Go Blue!

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