M Lax win streak ends at #8 Johns Hopkins, 14-5; W Lax falls in first-ever game.

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on February 22nd, 2014 at 11:37 AM

The Men's lacrosse win streak ends at 2 with a 14-5 loss at #8 Johns Hopkins today.

Michigan led virtually every stat category in the game besides saves. The Hopkins PBP guys were gushing over Brad Lott winning faceoffs like it was going out of style. Dude is legit.

The Women made history today playing their first game. It was a tough one, a 20-7 loss at Villanova. Tess Korten scored the first goal in Michigan Women's Lacrosse history.

Next up: the Men return home to Ann Arbor to play their final game at Oosterbaan Field House this season against Cornell on Saturday at 1pm.

The Women take on Marquette, another new program, on Friday night at Oosterbaan.



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but I'll be surprised if the score is any prettier than how it was against Penn State. We're progressing but beating Detroit and Mercer isn't the same as taking down a top 10 school


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that JH has a 30-1 shot ratio in their first two games. As in, they've managed to take 30 shots for every 1 by their opponents. That probably doesn't bode well for Michigan.


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As a JHU alum, if Hopkins didn't destroy Michigan, I'd be shocked and upset. Michigan will have a good lacrosse team one day, but Hopkins is expected to dominate a team that's so new to the scene.

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Other sports-

Water polo got a much-needed upset victory of #19 Cal Baptist, 7-6. They will face #15 Indiana later on.

#7 Softball and Haylie Wagner pitch a shutout, beating #5 Kentucky 3-0.

Women's basketball takes on iowa at Crisler on senior day at 1:30 on BTN.


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Apparently there's no score between Cornell and...Hah-bert? Where did they find this guy?


Should probably stop complaining about the free, live feed though...

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Final Scores:

Men: Michigan 5  #8 johns hopkins 14

Women: Michigan 7  villanova 20

History was made today by the Michigan Women. It's gonna take some time but I have no doubt that both of these programs are going to win big in the future.

A wise man once said "first you lose big, then you lose close, then you win close and then you win big".

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I was at the game on Saturday and here are a few of my takeaways:

The Good:

Athletically, M matched up with Hopkins much better than last year.   The Blue Jays were not simply outrunning and out-muscling them like last year.  M even won the ground ball battle which is amazing.

Faceoffs - after winning 0 last year vs Hopkins, Michigan won the FO battle this year.  Brad Lott is going to be excellent.

Riding - M forced a few failure-to-advance calls and other turnovers.


The Bad:

Goaltending - you gotta feel for the freshman back-up who has to start against Hopkins in his fourth career game.  On most of the goals there  wasnt anything he could do, but it seemed like there were a few he could have stopped.  He did make a few spectacular saves at the end. Having Logan maybe would have made it a little tighter.  

Shot selection & Offensive possessions. When Hopkins went on their runs, M helped them out a lot.  Hop's goalie was amazing and he made a number of great saves but Michigan also hooked him up with a bunch of soft, stick-side high meatballs.  They quickly cleared it out each time and put Michigan back on its heels.  Michigan also did not take care of the ball when they did create a rare turnover.  I was surprised they didnt try to slow the game down more to stave off the Hopkins counterattacks.


The Ugly:

The defense is not aggressive or physical. I don't think there's ever been a game in Hopkins' history in which the attackmen didnt have to ice down any nicks or bruises afterwards.  Michigan doesn't  throw checks, like at all.   Additionally, their defensive schemes involve a lot of weird switching which only confuses the defense and does nothing to disrupt the opposing offense.  They need to re-think the defense big time.


They have Cornell this week in Oosterbahn which could be rough.  But after that they go on a spring break trip to the south to take on Furman and High Point which could be wins.  Go Blue!