M-I-C-H-I-G-A-N hand signal guy at football games

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Anyone know anything about the guy who sits in one of the first rows of section 20 at Michigan football games who does the M-I-C-H-I-G-A-N hand signals.  I am normally around the SW endzone and always see him after every TD do this.  Anyone know of an origin, name, adress, or any stories about him?

You can see him here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYdBiWUvzW4



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I don't see it as annoying, I see it as passion. I've never sat by him, but I'm alright with anyone who brings some extra energy into the Big House. To add to that, he's not the youngest person in the stadium and he defies the stereotype of the older fans not cheering during the game. In conclusion, I like it.

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This guy has been a serious UM fan for longer than most of you have been alive (judging by your flip remarks).  He was a long-time employee of the U and now is an active and supportive retiree.   He served as an employee mentor to many young UM footfall players through the years.  Unlike many of you he is an unwavering UM fan (all sports) and deserves respect.



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Or heard if this guy before, but he looks like an awesome Michigan fan. I think my New Year's resolution is going to be to learn that cheer and the motions. I'm honda be the coolest dude doing this at UM away games.


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The TSIO game was the first time that I sat in that section.  Honestly, I had no idea what the dude was doing until the cheerleaders joined him.  The hand signals were too fast.  But, he was having fun!


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That's pretty cool - love his energy, especially form an older fan. While I've never seen that before, I know during Homecoming, a lot of the older alumni do a lot of different cheers that are pretty cool - one of them is literally "RAH RAH MICHIGAN!" Maybe this hand-signal thing used ot be more common and he keeps doing it.

Either way good for him, and for the rest of his section doing it and being a part of it.


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You may be going a little deep asking for his address ... Was the real reason for this post due to the fact that u think he is a sexy man and would like to get to know him more?


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Yea! I sit in section 20.

Anyways, I think his name Rob something. All I know is that he's been doing it for at least the last 20 years. He usually does it twice after a touchdown and varies the speed. On rare occasions, usually a blowout of a rival, he will spell out somthing different to taunt the other teams fans. I don't know the origin of it by I'm sure some of the older alums there do. I wish we had more people like him in our section, it's almost always quiet.


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Doing as long as I can remember, which goes back to about '88. There has definitely been at least one thread about him here, probably a few years ago now...I think at one point he didn't show up for a game or two and people started getting worried. I've been unsuccessful searching for it but it contained some of the info that OP was looking for.


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Wow... so many people from section 20.  My uncle had two season tickets in row 3.  I go with him about twice a year.  He was the one who always yelled profane things loudly in front of children.  We think he has high functioning asbergers.  One time he snuck a potato in for the Notre Dame game and just shook it at opposing fans yelling about the potato famine.

He got mad that they wanted to charge him to keep his seats during the renovation, so now he is in the endzone about 40 rows up.  I still go with him and cringe every time he references Dick Rod.  But Rob always tolerated my uncle, so did Superfan.  Both pretty cool guys.  He would get up directly in front of us, only 5 rows away.  He will always be a HUGE part of my gameday experiences when I was younger... so fun...

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I sit in section 18 and I am pretty near where this guy is. I think it is pretty cool that the cheerleaders come up and do the cheer with him. I have been going to games for 16 seasons and he has been there as long as I can remember. I don't know anything about him but he is a great fan in my book.


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in section 20 down by the field for a couple years. First game in those seats after the first touchdown i get tapped on the shoulder and this guy is going down closer to the field. I thought it an odd way to get to your seats, but, whatever we just scored a td and all is good in life. Then he started leading that cheer and most of the section was doing it with him. Had no idea what was going on but didn't mind it. Over time I tried to learn it and do it with everyone but I always got at least one letter wrong or messed it up somehow. 

\cool story bro

One thing's for sure, he's a die hard Michigan fan and no other Michigan fan should have a problem with him. He endured through Northwestern 08, which is more than a lot of you can say. I beleive he had knee surgeries and missed quite a few games the last couple years. A good Michigan man, and that's coming from a younger fan who is less than pleased at times with some of the down in front crowd. 

In closing, have some respect, and watch your mouth. (to the asshats who aren't doing so - not the op)


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I had asked the question in this Mailbag back in 2009.  The question for Brian/readers was about why Rob wasn't there for a game (and is at the bottom of the mailbag).

Later on in the thread are some answers (including the fact that he was OK).  Specifically from whosurdaddy104:


His name is Rob. He's worn an old school, maize and blue knit beret for as long as I can remember (family had season tickets in row 3 of section 20, started going in 1990). He sits in Section 20 (west side, 10 yard line), and after every Michigan score, he makes his way down to the front row through the crowd, not down the steps, stands on the railing, leads everyone by spelling out Michigan with his arms, then yells "Michigan!" as everyone points to the visiting fans section. In recent years, "Superfan" would play his cowbell doing the "Go Blue!" chant. Rob would even get the cheerleaders up on the railing with him, and the alumni up there during the homecoming game. I have since moved out of that section, and did not know that Rob no longer spelled out Michigan. Very sad if true, but glad that "Superfan" has carried on the tradition.

This from Intern Mike

Per the almighty, legendary Superfan -

"Rob was injured and will return for the IU game...I was just filling in for him."

just shows ya...nobody is safe from the injury bug...

And this from BrewCityBlue:

This is my first season as an official season ticket holder (sec 6). Last year I got an opportunity for the Go Blue package and jumped on it.
My seats were in section 20, row 4.
I live in Milwaukee and can only make it up for so many games each year. I was so excited for the first game of the Rodriguez era and to see the answers to all the unknowns, a buddy and I made the trip for the opener against Utah.
After our first touchdown some old guy comes walking down through the fans and kinda taps me on the shoulder and asks me to make way for him to get through... At first i was like, "what the heck"... Then he did the M I C H I G A N with his hands and yelled Michigan at the visitor section - It was awesome. I always wanted to track him down and talk to him and get his story.
I was just a couple rows before superfan and Rob the spelling guy, and it was truly awesome. I made it to Wisconsin (yeah) and Northwestern (not warm) last year as well, and i will remember them not only for the games themselves but also for the unique fans in that section.
When I got a chance for renewables this year, I jumped on them, and requested tix by a buddy of mine's in sec 6. I somewhat regret not trying to stay in sec 20, simply for the unique characters. I will say being so close to the field by the endzone offers little to no view of anything happening on the other side of the field, but, also an awesome view of anything coming at that endzone (int ret for td against wi).
In any case, I just wanted to share my experience in sec 20 row 4 last season, and I wish Rob all the best. I truly hope he is ok and nothing bad has happened to cause him not to be there.



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I remember him since I've been 5 years old (I'm in college now).  My parents had tickets Sec 18 row 20 (now higher), and I would love it when he would come up to spell out Michigan after touchdowns.  He points different ways and riles up the crowd and gets you to cheer.  Keep it up Rob!