M Hockey ranked #20 in new poll

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on December 12th, 2011 at 5:25 PM

#20 and only going upwards from there. Go Blue.



They must be cheating someway in columbus, because a #4 ranking and that record? They were 9th place last year in the CCHA. Worst part is their fans could give a shit because they're too busy beating off to pictures of urban meyer.




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I don't pay much attention to UM Hockey until the post season, but I did know they had a fast start and was ranked #1. So, what has happened to UM Hockey? Any chance of UM in the post season?


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Its a function of the number of D1 hockey schools. There's only 59 I believe right now so it's equivalent to Michigan football being about 4-4 and being ranked 40th in the FBS. Weird, but not totally off. Plus our name brand carries us. People want to vote a .500 Michigan team over some close equivalent directional massachusetts school


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This weekend was a good sign of some improvement.  The defense is still very shaky, but the offensive production looked pretty solid compared to the past month.

The team has a good stretch of time to prepare for the GLI.  Facing Boston College will be a very good matchup for them to gauge where they are at for the second half of the season.

Wolverine Devotee

December 12th, 2011 at 6:28 PM ^

Michigan just went undefeated against state who was ranked #14 last week, plus Michigan was the team receiving the most votes in last weeks poll.

Red said he thinks that the OT win at alaska was the turning point for the team, and since that game Michigan is 2-0-1.

Two weeks to get ready for #3 boston college in the GLI. Hoping for a mircale.


kevin holt

December 12th, 2011 at 7:32 PM ^

Some people, including all of college hockey save for CCHA for in-conference record purposes, don't consider a loss in a shootout to be a loss. It's a tie on the NCAA books. I have many hockey opinions, but this one kind of changes around for me. I feel like saying it's just a tie, but if we won I would call it a sweep, so I feel like it might just be homerism.

However, you could say losing in a SO isn't a "defeat," so we went "undefeated" which doesn't necessarily mean we swept.

kevin holt

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To be quite fair (something Ohio probably doesn't deserve), hockey changes a lot more drastically from season to season. That is to say, it has more potential to change and isn't as surprising when it does. Think about it the opposite way: we finished runners-up in the championship last year, yet we can't win two games in a row this year. There are many reasons behind it, some of which can be summed up as simple attrition.


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The fact that we have so many freshmen contributing speaks to

a) the quality of the freshman class
b) the vacuum left by the senior class (which was awesome)

This years seniors:

Greg Pateryn D
Luke Glendening F
David Wohlberg F
Shawn Hunwick G

And that's a great class, but it's small

and we lost Scooter, Carl, Rust, Caporusso, Langlais, Burlon, and Winnett and now we're still missing John Merrill. We're set up well for the future, but I think we're still searching for an identity this year


December 12th, 2011 at 8:19 PM ^

Whats the timetable for Merrill to start playing in games again. I know he was reinstated and practicing but was still out indefinitely as to playing in games. Just wondering if anyone knew when he'd be allowed to play in games again because that Defense desperately needs him 


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The PK has hurt us a bit this season. Even if they are not giving up a goal, the inability to clear the puck has hurt us. If the PK is able to improve from the GLI forward we stand a chance in the CCHA tourney and hopefully the NCAA tourney.


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There are a total of 16 teams that make the tourney.  These 16 teams are broken down into 4 regional brackets that move on to the Frozen Four. 

Until this current season, there were 6 AQ conference winners (Tourney Winners) and the remaining 10 are at large bids into the tourney.  There was a conference that folded i believe in the off season therefore there are only 5 conferences and one independent (Alabama-Huntsville, not sure why they have a team). 

I am thinking that it will go back to 6 AQ teams in 2013-2014 with the addition of the B1G Hockey conference.