M Baseball & Softball both split doubleheaders today

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on March 3rd, 2012 at 12:38 PM

Michigan's comeback bid against syracuse earlier fell short, as Michigan lost 4-2. Michigan just avenged the loss and beat virginia 7-1.

Baseball smacked chicago state around like 1950s housewives earlier, winning 17-8. But in their second game of the day, they fell to xavier 7-4 to drop Michigan's record to 6-5 on the season.

Tomorrow Baseball will play xavier again tomorrow at 11am.

Softball will take on temple at 11:15am.

Both teams will only play one game tomorrow.


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Kind of a cheap call by the ump, Michigan had two on base and the count was 0-2. Ball was clearly unhittable and should have been called ball, but the ball tocuhed the bat by not even an inch and it was called a strike and Michigan left two stranded. Hutch was badgering the ump.


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Other good diamond sports news: Baseball leads chicago state 6-3 in the 4th in Port St. Lucie,FL. Michigan trying to take out their frustrations of last night's against the team I will not name, on chicago state right now.


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Absolutely destroyed a not very good Patriot League team in another mercy rule game. Now that she's done, I put the Wolverines up on ESPN3. It's interesting to see a pretty respectable amount of orange and maize in the stands, seeing as their game is down in Florida.

MGB stats: 5IP 2H 1R 1ER 3BB 6SO 20BF

Edit: Also 3AB 2H 2R 1BB?!?!?!?! Love the girl, but she's not exactly known for hitting. I doubt she had three at bats all season as a freshman last year.


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younng team.  We will continue to make mistakes through the spring.  The pitching is doing good but not great.  The hitting needs to get on track.

We are a Jeckle and Hyde hitting team.  Coach will get that fixed for sure.  Overall not a bad start to the weekend.


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I thought they broke through last night against Auburn. They scored four runs while facing a fairly accomplished senior pitcher who has been giving teams a lot of trouble this year. Last night, M accounted for a third of her hits on the season and scored more earned runs than she's averaging, not to mention ending her undefeated season (and Auburn's).

I guess this is what you need to expect from a young but talented team. A lot of these girls don't have enough experience to replicate everything needed for consistant good/great play, and the only thing that will fix that is time.


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beyond your years.  Time (ie experience) will get this fixed.  This is why most coaches prefer to have many tournaments before conference play.  It gets the team "tuned up". 

Tell Megan I said hi.  I hope to get to one of her games too.  I see that she pitched "lights out".  This is worthy of her own thread.


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Thanks, I will. I think she's writing some stuff about Temple before the game tomorrow, so we might get an appearance here on MGoBlog today or tonight. She had an incredible game earlier, and just got to pinch hit against Marshall and got an RBI after sitting on the bench, probably with ice all over her shoulder. It's all being broadcast on the radio, so I actually get to do more than watch GameTracker.

Her parents and brother/sister are there today; hopefully she plays this well when I'm there, and you as well if you catch their MSU game.

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In other related news, Baseball opened up an absolute can of whoop ass on chicago state beating them 17-8. Don't let the 8 fool you in the final score, because Michigan was up 16-4 on them in the 8th before they let them score a few.

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Michigan tacked on a run in the 4th on a virginia error as Doyle scored to give Michigan 6 runs.

virginia just scored. Michigan leads 6-1 heading to the 7th inning. Michigan is the road team.

Baseball is currently trailing xavier 3-5 in the top of the 4th.

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Michigan goes up 7-1 on a single by Sweet, Chidester scored.

The game now is in the bottom of the 7th. Wagner is looking to mark up another W to her already impressive debut season here.


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against Temple and this is one heck of a weekend for the ladies. 4-1 with two wins over top 20 teams. I will take that out of any 5 game stretch. Go Blue, and keep up the hard work ladies.


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nice win against Temple.  Confidence is key in this situation.  The Judi Garman Classic is fast approaching so we need to pick it up.

Congrats to all the Freshmen today.  This trio is awesome.