M #5 in Coaches' Poll

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And we have a bye week to get ready for PSU, the third leg of the Revenge Tour. I almost pity the Nittany Lions.



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A few weeks ago, I didn't think we would be Top 5 until after we beat PSU. We are ahead of schedule in my book.

No pity for Pedo State U and Molester State U. Revenge tour continues with a bang!


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Coaches Poll

RK       TEAM     REC       PTS    

1  Alabama(60) 8-0   1548

2  Clemson(2)     7-0   1488 

3  Notre Dame     7-0   1409 

4  LSU                  7-1   1352 

5  Michigan           7-1   1228 

6  Georgia            6-1     1207

7  Texas               6-1     1146 

8  Oklahoma        6-1    1075 

9  Ohio State         7-1   1030 

10  UCF                 7-0    1008 


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Rank  Trend  Team  Conference  Overall Record  Points    Game scores

1-                  Alabama  SEC                 8-0            1,525       @ Tennessee W 58-21

2          ^1     Clemson   ACC                7-0            1,454        vs North Carolina State W41-7

3          ^1    Notre Dame FBS Ind        7-0            1,400         BYE

4          ^1    LSU        SEC                   7-1            1,327         vs Mississippi State W 19-3

5          ^1    Michigan  Big Ten             7-1            1,250         @ Michigan State W 21-7

6           ^1 Texas          Big 12              6-1            1,186

7           ^1  Georgia     SEC                 6-1            1,136

8           ^1  Oklahoma  Big 12             6-1            1,065           @ TCU W 52-27

9            ^2 Florida       SEC                6-1               998

10           -   UCF      American            7-0               996           @ East Carolina W 37-10

11          -9 Ohio State  Big Ten           7-1               985           @ Purdue L 49-20


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you would be correct:

Others receiving votes: Appalachian State 78, Utah State 63, San Diego State 62, Houston 30, Cincinnati 30, Fresno State 22, Mississippi State 18, Virginia 17, Auburn 13, Colorado 9, Buffalo 9, Army 8, Duke 8, Texas Tech 8, Purdue 7, UAB 6, South Carolina 5, Virginia Tech 4, Syracuse 3, Georgia Southern 2, Michigan State 1

It's Always Marcia

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Ya, you're right, it's possible. But Michigan will still have the BIG10 Championship---if all goes as well as we wish-- to pull ahead of them in points.

Alabama does so well in the post season, they probably have earned the right to be in the top 4 even with 1 loss. But still, it would appear unfair to stay above Michigan if they lose to LSU.

Michigan has been playing very well now, and getting better. They dominated 2 good teams. Hopefully they will also dominate Penn St. If so, I think they would move up into the top 4 in 2 weeks, even if it's Alabama loses. Because Alabama hasn't had the toughest of schedules, until LSU. Maybe this will be the year that strength of schedule finally hurts Alabama.


October 21st, 2018 at 6:53 PM ^

By the November Bama @ LSU game, it's in the committee's hands.

The committee doesn't have any hard-and-fast rules, just suggestive principles.

One of the defacto principles is conference politics, and I would think non-SEC committee members would be silently against a repeating practice of granting the SEC two teams.

Last year, a one-loss Alabama got in over a blemished two-loss B1G champ Ohio State (with the two losses being blowouts).  If Michigan is a conference champ with a single September away loss to ND, while Alabama is not a conference champ with a single November away loss to LSU, I think the principles and politics would favor Michigan.


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When we are done with PSU in two weeks, they're going to immediately report the assault to the DA. Like they should have done. In 1976. Or 1998. Or 1999. Or 2001... 


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Me too!

Worked yesterday. : ( so had to resort to MgoBlog for my updates!!  Thanks...

Got home a puff, puff in celebration... finished my chest workout and did 45 minutes on the stairmaster.  Was gonna be a good boy and hit the bed early and get in a workout before my shift today.... but then Purdue happened!!  How could I NOT celebrate their victory with another puff, puff.  Needless to say... no morning workout and yet still so happy.

East German Judge

October 21st, 2018 at 1:27 PM ^

An arguement could be made that we should be the highest ranked 1 loss team and be at #4 as we lost by 7 to the undefeated #3 team. 

This will all take care of itself shortly if we stay focused.

It's Always Marcia

October 21st, 2018 at 1:41 PM ^

You mean Michigan fans could argue that--because no one else is going to

But you think the Nation will come up with arguments to have Michigan in the top 4 today. Did you know there really is no reason for that at this point?

Alabama goes to LSU in 2 weeks. Someone will lose, hopefully Alabama. Michigan will gave room then.