M's Soccer OSU 2 - Michigan 1

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Michigan fell behind after just 26 seconds to OSU last night in Ann Arbor on Senior Night. A Ben Manko goal in the 31st minute after Tyler Arnone's penalty attempt was saved tied the match at one. However, OSU went ahead in the 85th minute after an odd bouncing ball found its way past RS Senior Adam Grinwis for the Buckeye win.

Michigan needed a win and an Indiana loss (which they did, 3-2 to MSU in Bloomington) to secure a 1st round home match in the B1G Tourney. With the loss, they'll now have to travel to Columbus for a rematch with OSU on Sunday at 1pm. Maryland won the regular season title by beating Rutgers 3-2 last night in New Jersey. If Michigan beats OSU on Sunday, they'll play the winner of Northwestern and Indiana (also on the road, no matter who wins).


Final standings and Bracket are below.


2014 Men's Soccer Standings


  Conference Overall
  W-L-T % Pts. W-L-T %
1. Maryland 5-2-1 .688 16 11-5-2 .667
2. Penn State 5-3-0 .625 15 12-4-1 .735
  Northwestern 4-1-3 .688 15 9-3-5 .677
  Ohio State 5-3-0 .625 15 8-6-4 .556
5. Michigan State 4-2-2 .625 14 10-4-4 .667
6. Indiana 3-3-2 .500 11 11-3-4 .722
  Michigan 3-3-2 .500 11 6-8-3 .441
8. Rutgers 1-6-1 .188 4 5-11-1 .324
9. Wisconsin 0-7-1 .063 1 3-11-3 .265






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Pretty much have to win the tourney to get to the ncaa's dissapointing year so far.  Also Maryland now has 2 big ten titles with their womens field hockey team also winning the big ten. They might not have the best football team but they will add to the non-revenue side for sure.


November 6th, 2014 at 11:40 AM ^

They have to win out, for sure.

That goal drought after the SMU win really sunk the season. They've had some big wins (ND, MSU) but too many bad losses (FIU, Columbia, Bowling Green, Western).

This is a young team and an especially young back four, but yes, this season was disappointing. Going with a 4-4-3 showed a lot of promise but this team just couldn't find the back of the net for much of the season. 

Daley will have another top 5 recruiting class next season so hopefully next season is better. It'll be tough losing some seniors (Grinwis, Manko, Ugarte, Lewin, Arnone and Grinwis) but the freshmen (Louro, Stevens, Selemani) who played big minutes will improve significantly. 


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Did the B1G tourney change formats this year? Looks like the higher seeded team is hosting every game?


Also that goal was the worst thing ever. Ugh.


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I should also mention that the Women's Soccer Team lost 1-0 in Double OT to Minnesota (at Purdue) last night in their opening round match in B1G Tourney play. The women's team finished 12-5-3 on the season. 

They are ranked #25 in the country and will now wait to see if they get an at-large bid for the NCAA tournament. 


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What are the chances we get an upset and beat them in Columbus ?

Are they clearly a better team or are most of the problems mainly coming from youth and lack of scoring ?

Shame because I really wanted to see the quarterfinals, but I don't have BTN plus sooooo

Good Luck Guys.

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November 6th, 2014 at 4:05 PM ^

Michigan could win Sunday. OSU is a good team but Michigan is in their class. Their second goal was a fluke last night and Michigan had some decent chances early on in the second half.

For being so young, their back line has looked pretty decent this season. Many of the matches they've lost or drawn have been 1-0 or 0-0 scores. I think Sunday's match will hinge on WMB, Selemani and McAtee up front.  If they can sustain pressure, Michigan has a chance. Oh...and not giving up a goal 26 seconds into the match will help.