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Submitted by hvsiii on December 28th, 2011 at 12:39 PM

There are three articles about Michigan in Adam Rittenberg's "Big Ten lunchtime links."  The articles are on Fred Jackson, Martavious Odoms and five position battles for the Sugar Bowl.  Nothing ground breaking but Michigan football news nonetheless.

They are easy enough to get to but some may not check ESPN regularly.




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I generally do not find his writing to be very insightful. Not to mention that he pissed me off when he indulged and defended many of the MSU whiners, saying something to the tune of  "they got hosed, have a legitimate gripe, and should have been in a BCS bowl." Yes we lost to MSU earlier in the season but if he actually bothered looking at games played against common opponents he would have noticed that Michigan signficantly outperformed MSU.

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Just an ordinary filler-story by Mark Snyder, which contains nothing much new about Fred Jackson.  There's little need for anyone who knows of Coach Jackson through WTKA or this site to read it.

The only bothersome thing (and it isn't entirely clear, because the article is such low-level fluff) is whether Jackson actually gave an interview to Snyder.  Because if he did, that's some very poor and careless judgment on the part of Fred Jackson.  Two years ago, if Jackson and others on the team had given any thought at all to Mark Snyder, I'd like to think it might have been what they might do to him in a dark alley.