Luke Hughes--brother of Jack Hughes--commits to Michigan

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on May 25th, 2018 at 9:10 PM

Potential huge development.

Luke Hughes, the younger brother of current Wolverine Quinn Hughes and Jack Hughes has committed to Michigan.

Two of the three Hughes brothers are now committed to Michigan. 


Luke Hughes (03) commits to the University of Michigan. Detroit Little Caesars 14U. High IQ Defenseman, great skater, smart & skilled w/ the puck. #WhosNext #NTDPwatch

— Matt Grainda (@graindaiv) May 26, 2018



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There was never any debate whether Quinn was going #1. That was always going to be Dahlin. Quinn however, is certainly a candidate for top 5. Although mock drafts see him going between 6 and 8 for the most part. Being picked a spot or two early isn’t a stretch.


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Luke? As of now I'd expect him to play at Michigan.

Jack is the big, big question. It looks like either he'll play in the NTDP next season and go straight to the NHL (as a probably #1 overall draft pick) or accelerate his schooling and play at Michigan for a year next season.

And that probably depends upon whether or not Quinn is signed by his NHL team after the draft this summer, something that seems like a good chance to occur depending upon the team.



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I'm not sure why he would go back the the NTDP. He's already killed it at that level.

I've seen speculation that he takes the Auston Matthews route and plays a season in Switzerland. Or in Canadian juniors. Or spends a year at Michigan. Personally I think he would be best served by coming to Michigan. Not that I'm biased or anything.


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We're very biased.

OHL is the other significant alternative, and I imagine that it's a real option. Michael Spath acknowledged that in his pretty-plugged-in analysis of the situation, but at least from his perspective it seemed like the two biggest possibilities were NTDP and Michigan. 

Yeah, he's already killed it in the NTDP, and as a result my gut feeling was that the main alternative to Michigan was the OHL, but if he and/or the family aren't huge fans of that route, the NTDP still offers a lot of good challenges for the next year. Michigan would be a step up, of course, but you have to want it--accelerating to graduate by the end of summer is no joke. 


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Why not go back to the NTDP? He’d still be playing with top notch players, going around playing a juniors schedule, going to international tournaments.

I mean of course I want him at Michigan, but it’s not like the NTDP doesn’t have good players. It’s not like they don’t have first rounders every year. It’s not like staying there hurts his draft stock.

There’s really nothing he can do that is the wrong choice.


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I sat next to one of the incoming, highly touted, recruits on a flight a while back. Nice guy and we had a short conversation. One question I had was how the decision process occurs and is made. He said the process starts too early and they are basically told by the NHL teams on which route to take.

mad magician

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most NHL teams will be ok with Quinn playing next year in Ann Arbor, particularly since he will be just 19. I’m wanting him to land with Detroit pretty badly as I do think he has separated himself enough from the next tier of defenders but it wouldn’t surprise at all if he went 4 or 5.

This development with the youngest Hughes means the Hughes’ are liking Mel and Mucklat’s Michigan. That’s cool on its own. It means the talent is coming. As to Jack playing in Ann Arbor next year, the argument about which is best for his development is kind of a push. He could benefit from playing against older guys, but ultimately it’s not that important when you’re as talented as he is. The key will be to keep playing, keep getting stronger no matter what level he’s playing in.