Lucy Liu Slept Here (as well as other notable former U of M students).

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For those interested in the history of the University of Michigan, there are some pretty fascinating stories shared at as part of The Heritage Project.  One of the "storys" is more of a collection of very brief biographys of some of Michigan's more notable former students (some of whom were only enrolled for a short period of time).  The title is actually "Madonna Slept Here."  I understand that there is a reasonable argument for her being the most famous former student, but I prefer Lucy Liu.... in so many ways.

Link to story.

This is not exactly a unique topic to this board.  If someone notable is connected to U of M in some way, there is a high probability that they have been discussed on this board at some length.  In fact, there was a recent discussion about who the "coolest" person to attend Michigan was back in March (click here).  With that said, this is the first listing that I have seen that includes former living arrangements, a fact I find particularly interesting since I also frequented these same buildings when I was a student.  There aren't a lot of connections for us Markley people; Rich Eisen is the only "celeb" listed in the story who lived there.... not exactly surprising as I'm sure Markley doesn't top many lists of those applying for student housing.







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My sister's roomate at West Quad her Freshman year was Gilda Ratner from Saturday night live.  And she lived for a year with Micki King (Olympic Gold Medal Diver) on campus after King graduated cause they were both divers at Pontiac Central!


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he is referring to Mark Ratner's sister.  


"You know Damone I always stick up for you. They say oh, Damone that loud mouth - and they say that a lot. I say oh, no you just don't know Damone. I mean when they call you an idiot, I say Damone's not an idiot. Well, you know something maybe they know you pretty good. Maybe I'm just starting to find out." 


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Micki King (Hogue) was the diving coach at the AF Academy while I was on the swim team there.  Then Col Hogue, she was married to the head coach who recruited me, Jim Hogue.  She went on to be the Asst AD for the Academy.  Great coach, and a tough lady.  The Olympics before she won the gold, she broke her arm on the second to last dive and was leading going into that dive.  Her final dive suffered to the point where she slipped to fourth place out of a medal.  


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 ... listing residence halls in order of preference.  I remember not knowing one from the other and having to do a fair amount of research (in 1992 mind you so information was hard to come by).  My order was something like:

  1. West
  2. South
  3. East
  4. Couzens
  5. Mosher-Jordan
  6. Alice Lloyd
  7. Markley
  8. Bursley

No regrets though.  I have some great friends and good memories thanks to Markley.


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You requested room type too. I ended up picking Couzens (and getting in, because who picks thm first, right?) because they had the most single rooms. Or Mojo might have been first with that second. But you could rank them and they squeezed you in best they could.


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My cousin Katy is one of the people that helped put this together.  Its very cool information and awesome to see where everyone stayed. It looked like an awesome project.


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I lived in 38?? Taylor, so one floor down. Don't remember the rest of the number. Granted this was the late 90s, so nearly a decade late. Nevertheless it's more or less guaranteed that we would have hooked up if she had stopped by South Quad to look in on her old room at any point in 1997.

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I can't remember the room number, but from the front, it was on the back to the right, 4th floor (?), down the hall, last room on the right.  

I also attended summer debate camp at UM when I was in high school and stayed in Couzens somewhere.  I believe it was the main floor to the left of the lobby, facing the front of the building.  


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So, I'm pretty sure I lived in David Alan Grier's room (145 Mosher).  I can't quite figure out why I think that's so awesome, but I do.  Definitely made my day, thanks for posting this.

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Rich Eisen representing the ever-wild 2nd Elliot hall in Markley. Never would have known it while I lived there - they should put some sort of frame or plaques in the halls commemorating these figures.

BOX House

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Re: Markley. I don't know how appealling it is now with MoJo renovated (and I don't think Markley has a full-time cafeteria anymore), but when I was entering college ('06) Markley was the place to be. 


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Yea, I entered college the same year. Got placed in Couzins, and it seemed everyone living by me was like "Ew, Markley? That place sounds terrible". I on the other hand felt like it was the place to be if you were interested in a social life freshman year. I was there just about every weekend, and it was always refreshing to walk down the halls and see people's doors open and people actually drinking. I have no clue why a quiet dorm with rooms 2 feet wider would be more appealing.