LuckyOT: Michigan man wins lottery three times in one day $325,184

Submitted by UMProud on February 28th, 2018 at 7:47 AM

"LANSING - An Oakland County man thought he was having a heart attack after he won a $325,184 Fast Cash Jackpot Slots progressive jackpot from the Michigan Lottery.

Mark Maltz, of Waterford, bought his winning ticket at the BP gas station, located at 1516 Union Lake Road in Commerce Township.

“I work for a tow company and we stop at the BP to fill up our trucks,” said Maltz. “I was in the store on Friday after filling up my truck and I bought a scratch off and won $10. I decided I’d buy a Fast Cash ticket, and won $15. Then, I bought a $5 Fast Cash Black Jack ticket and the $10 Jackpot Slots Fast Cash ticket, and the rest is history.

“When I saw I was a winner, I started freaking out. I just kept thinking: ‘I can’t believe I just won!’”
Maltz visited Lottery headquarters Tuesday to claim his big prize. The 42-year-old winner plans to invest his big prize.

“I’m going to sit on this for a little while and decide how to best invest it and make it last me a long time,” said Maltz. 

“I’ve dreamed about winning and thought: ‘Just let me win big one time.’ It’s hard to believe it really happened.” "

Source:  WDIV Detroit, 2/28/2018



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This post would have made me pretty angry in the past but given (1) the SCar "recap" Brian published titled "Whatever," (2) the nearly complete (and clearly deliberate) avoidance of football conversation through several key recruiting moments and coaching changes (even if negative), coupled with (3) the longstanding website/platform deficits (re: aesthetics/functionality) ... enough has changed to make yours a legitimate position.


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I've never won a huge lottery jackpot ($500 on a ticket once), but I am always curious about what happens to people that do win these larger prizes and what their stories are. When I see people at the neighborhood liquor store buying a good $20 in scratch-off tickets, I keep thinking that this is a gigantic waste of money and time, but who knows, someone on my street may have won once and I just missed it. 


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-the money magnifies vices, weaknesses, and blindspots

-lottery ticket buying is inherently irrational and impulse-rewarding (pre-selecting for potentially harmful traits)

-since most people work for money rather than meaning, money becomes the meaning, and when they get a lot of money, there's no more meaning to their life

-everyone comes around asking for money, the stress and paranoia is overwhelming

-the winners become isolated because they are now, by definition, abnormal

-no matter what, it's a radical shift from homestasis, which human beings are fundamentally unprepared to deal with (for good reason)

This guy, however, seems like he has a good head on his shoulders, taking it slowly and thinking about investing it in somethinh smart. One caveat is that he didn't win that much, equivalent to ~1 year income of a senior physician and median/average of a surgeon, lawyer, financier. And even less when you consider that total winnings of other lottery winners.

Durham Blue

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This is the closest I've ever been to knowing a mega lottery winner.  I dated a girl when I lived in San Diego who, like me, was originally from the Detroit area.  Her ex-boyfriend was best friends with a guy that won the largest multi-state lottery jackpot in history (at that time).  This was late 1990's I believe.  The jackpot was around $350 million and it was split with another winner.  His take was somewhere just south of $70 million after the cash option and taxes.  Not sure if this is 100% accurate as this is coming from my shoddy memory.  But I do remember her telling me he set up a corporation with his five person family (mom, dad, brother, sister) where each person banked $12 million.  After she broke up with the guy, her ex went off to live in the guest house of this dude's estate in suburban Chicago.


Cool story, bro.


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I read a study many years ago that after the short term thrill, people who won huge jackpots are not any happier than they were before. The authors concluded that people are who they are, and if they are the type of person who is unhappy and focuses on their life problems, they just continue to do that.

Mr. Owl

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They needed to use "Big Prize" more often in that short blurb becuase big prize wasn't used enough to let you know the big prize was truly a big prize worthy of being called a big prize.

Durham Blue

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The long odds were on winning the $325k prize.  The other two wins weren't long odds so the story is a little misleading.  But still, good for him on winning all that money.