LTT plans to enroll early, Jake Butt unsure.

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Just saw this twitter exchange between Logan Tuley-Tillman and Jake Butt. Figured it was thread worthy. For the twitter impaired, here's a transcript of what was said:

Jake: Haven't been up for a practice yet, is this your first?

LTT: yeah, I wish I could practice though

Jake: Soon enough bro, you gonna graduate early you think?

LTT: yeah I am, are you?

Jake: (I don't know) yet. 


They then proceeded to discuss dorms and other stuff. I know some of you are opposed to twitter usage of athletes, and I agree for the most part. However twitter gives you a whole new perspective on the life of a student athlete, in a way the media doesn't portray them. Sure it has its advantages and disadvantages, but twitter breaks news almost daily now.




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It's always nice for recruits to talk to one another, I feel like it may deter some from possibly decommitting because they've built bonds with their fellow recruits.

Wenham Wolverine

March 31st, 2012 at 2:53 AM ^

a quick googling didn't have any obvious answers to this, and since it's late and I've had a few drinks, I'll just throw this question out there:

is the rule that only 3 recruits can EE, or is it just that max 3 EEers can count towards the previous year's scholarship count?

Blue boy johnson

March 31st, 2012 at 9:18 AM ^

JG gives us the list from 2009


The early enrollees:

Tate Forcier - 6'1", 187 lbs then, 188 now.
Big Will - 6'5", 330 lbs then, 318 now.
Brandin Hawthorne - 6'0", 195 lbs then, 198 now.
Vladimir Emilien - 6'1", 213 lbs then, 198 now.
Mike Jones - 6'2", 202 lbs then, 203 now.
Vincent Smith - 5'6", 158 lbs then, 168 now.

And, the amazing body transformation winner:

Anthony LaLota - 6'4", 235 lbs then, 256 now.

Barwis has done wonders with BWC, Emilien, LaLota and Smith in 7 months. Perhaps LaLota will be able to contribute if needed? I hope he's not needed, but he's put on weight.


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This is mgoblog damnit.... The refuge for Michigan football addicts where one can find solidarity in their obsession. No judgement for twitter stalking from me...i just yesterday unfollowed Jordan payton. Anyway, I certainly hope to see LTT enroll early. I suspect he'll show up to campus a little heavier than the coaching staff would like. Early access to team training sessions would help LTT a great deal.... and I hate to be the one to bring it up but Taylor Lewan is poised for an all-conference year. There is no guarantee that he'll be back after if he performs the way I think/hope/believe he will.


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It would really be nice to see Shane get on campus early with the big switch to pro style. I think that would really give him a chance to start if he does.

Maize and Blue…

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What makes you think he is undervalued?  Yes he will have been in the system, but he was a guy we stoled from Purdue who didn't have a very impressive offer list and was a low three star.  Shane is highly rated and his top two offers as a sophomore were better than Bellomy's until Michigan came calling.

Perkis-Size Me

March 31st, 2012 at 9:09 AM ^

completely agree. shane is much better served by taking a RS year when he first gets here, and holding a clipboard for gardner. i'm all for him starting in the 2014 season if he proves to be better than bellomy. if not, i'd rather give bellomy the nod and let morris get more acclimated to the system. one way or another, he will get his chance eventually.

Ball Hawk

March 31st, 2012 at 2:33 PM ^

I really hope that Shane does redshirt his first year. The early enrollment program makes me feel much better knowing that they wont decommit since they have a plan in place. I know its not a guarantee but its highly unlikely for someone to choose a different school.


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First of all, my name is also Logan so this guy is repping the SHIT out of my name! Secondly, Shane is a good player. I know that he has his flaws and imperfections but overall he can play the game of football really well. But let's talk about the success of Brady Hoke this season. He knows how to coach sports.