Love Matt Godin already.

Submitted by Denarded on September 3rd, 2011 at 1:20 AM

Today went down to Delphos, OH to witness future Michigan Wolverine Matt Godin. Had a great day 2 sacks, around 3-4 TFLs, while also knocking out the DSJ quarterback. Maybe the best part after the game Godin rushes to the fence to two guys with Buckeye apparel on, and says "I hope you'll enjoy me doing that to Braxton Miller for 4 years" and walked away. Loved seeing the Buckeye fans faces after that. Wyatt Shallman also looked impressive at RB, scored a touchdown probably ran for 70-80 yards.


Go Blue!



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I'm just wondering if the standard we hold kids to includes basic math: 4 years eligibility - 1 year of playing time = 3 years eligibility.  To his credit, there is the possibility Braxton redshirts this year.


I'm guessing he just got lost in the moment intimidating high school kids half his size.  Let's hope that Hoke instills a little humility.

CO Blue

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"I like the confidence, but it's pretty lame to say that to the fans."

I would generally agree except that we don't know the context in which he said it. Given my experience with Ohio fans, I wouldn't put it past them to have said something (lacking creativity yet annoying) first. I have no problem with giving better than you get.


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Delphos is normally a great team too. Seems like either them or Coldwater win the conference every year and then go on to State. DSJ is 0-2 this year so far. Two weeks in a row they have had to play a team with D-I prospects on it. Last week they lost by 7 to LCC and Tyler O'Conner. This week they lose by 7 to Godin and company.



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just by their attitude and swagger to our rivals have been priceless from his mom who told off spartan fan when he committed and now Matt preaching what he is going to do against the buckeyes gotta love this family. 


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st johns has been good the last 3 years with winning 2 out of 3 state titles and could of easily been 3 but lost on last drive of the one. also they have lost alot of talent from the last three championship runs on both sides of the football and are younger then what they have been.


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Let's hope he keeps this up going against the big boys. It's a lot easier playing against 180 pound offensive lineman at these small schools. On a side note, is it 3:30 yet?!


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Proud Shamrock and Wolverine alumnus.  Love seeing the developing pipeline between the two schools and have always wondered why it didn't happen sooner.  CC just produces hard nosed winning football players, particularly linemen.