Lou Holtz and Brian Kelly had a heart to heart.

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Interesting article and comments about ND (Whom also recently gave Holtz an honorary law degree-seriously?) and will Kelly's offensive/defensive philosophies work at this level.

“I think everything starts with defense,” Holtz said. “Your offense isn’t always going to be there – the wind, the rain, competition. But defense is always the basis.

“When you run the ball and you’re physical, it makes your defense more physical as well, although there are some people who run the spread and can play great defense.”

“Year two is about utilizing the players that we have that can help us win football games.  Our philosophy has been laid down. A way of doing things on a daily basis has been laid down. Last spring I don’t want to say it was throwing it against the wall and making it stick.  In year 2 it becomes more about players than plays and really fitting what we do in all three phases to the players we have.

The next question was, “Do you run the football more?” “Heck no!” Kelly quickly retorted. “It means possess the football. If it does mean run the ball, I’m all for it. We can’t have any three and outs, we have to sustain drives.




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Why is it that I can't help but think as soon as Holtz left the room, Kelly rolled his eyes and fake jacked off. That is of course after he wiped the spit off of his face.


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Interesting article and comments about ND (Whom also recently gave Holtz an honorary law degree-seriously?)

That should be "who."  Who replaces a subject, whereas whom replaces a direct object.


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would be "that" or less correct would be "which," because ND is an entity and not a person (who and whom).  It's true though that if ND was a person, "who" is correct and "whom" is incorrect.  I'm providing correction based on my experience, but if I'm wrong, I'm open to feedback b/c learning is always good for a person. 




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You're mostly correct, although I would say "which" would be preferable to "that" in this instance. I believe "which" is considered correct for nonessential clauses, and the clause in question is definitely nonessential since it's in parentheses and not a crucial part of the sentence.


Back to my actual editing job ...


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Notre Dame still sucks in my book.
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If you download BlockM's Ultra MGoBoard (which I would highly recommend) you can see all of your favorite posters in yellow, and then can also "block" some users so that anything they post is a collapsed red box. Very cool addition that takes about three seconds to install, but only works with Chrome.

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Holtz:  "This is the way we used to do it, blah, blah, blah...

Kelly: "Under the Tarnished Do-ome, na na na na na..."

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I'll ever stop getting annoyed at the "defense > offense" meme.  Lou-I'm not sure if you are aware of this-but if the weather's crappy, both teams' offenses will perform poorly.  Everyone plays on the same field.

Also, you can have top 10 teams with (i) a dominant defense and a mediocre offense or (ii) a dominant offense and a mediocre defense.  Winning 14-7 is not better than winning 42-35.  One side of the ball is not more important than the other.