Lou Holthz/Mark May take on Mich/ND

Submitted by MgoWood on August 31st, 2018 at 6:24 PM
They still have an audience. Love me some good ol' Lou Holthz! Couldn't be Mich/ND week without him.(First video embed ever, and ducks all items thrown his way)



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No thanks.  Even though he talks like Daffy Duck with a mouth full of crackers, you can only hear so much "Notre Dame will win the national title," before it grates on your nerves. 

The only image I like of Holtz is him ripping his hat off in anger right after Desmond caught the 4th down TD. 


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The refs also handed them the wins against Pitt and Stanford.  Pitt missed a game winning field goal but the refs decided not to flag Notre Dame for being offsides, which SHOULD have given Pitt a rekick.  

And Stanford was robbed of a TD that was called short.

They had no business being in the title game and were predictably exposed.  


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I have more respect for Mary May then I ever have, after this prediction. Coacth Hotlth sounth worth then everth...but he's older, need to keep that into perspective...


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Lou Holts looks great for a lizard.  I had to keep wiping my screen to get rid of that spit at every lisp.  But Mark May picks Michigan in a rout - really?   Weird exchange between two former icons. 


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Go blue! Love watching pre-game day coverage. Desmond says we are winning it all! I have to trust him! He's an ESPN specialist!  Go blue! We're going to dominate Notre dame! 

Perkis-Size Me

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Let me guess, Lou: this year ND is going to beat Bama by 70 in the CFP Final, and then just for shits and gigs they’ll play the Pats in the Super Bowl and sack Brady 10 times en route to a 42-0 victory.


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I know ppl on here don’t like these two...but that show had me dying laughing every Saturday night! College Football Final hasn’t been the same since. Give me Holtz/May over Palmer/Kanell/Galloway any day!


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I cringe at every mention of his lisp.  Maybe none of you have ever experienced a loved one having a stroke.  I know he's always had a lisp of sorts, but it's clear that the stroke and age has made it much worse.  I just can't bring myself to insult a guy for the effects of age or a stroke.  

It's like watching someone make fun of Lee Corso.  I just can't bring myself to get angry at the guy.


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Michigan had 9 tds passing last year, worst since 1975, and somehow Pep Hamilton had nothing to do with it, and is a great passing game coach....?


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I’m cool with Lou Holtz. Lou was invited by Harbaugh to “Signing of the Stars” a couple years back and came in and killed it; one of the most prepared and best speakers of the day.