February 8th, 2012 at 10:26 AM ^

Haven't seen this, but is there a student section and associated pricing for UofM students at the game? I remember the student price I paid for the Rose Bowl in '97 was much cheaper than the regular tickets.

On a second note - many of us who spent years in A2 (myself, I logged 9 years at UofM between undergrad and medical school), but now live in another state don't have many trustworthy options when it comes to purchasing tickets for games. When I fly into A2 for a weekend and drop ~$600 for plane tickets, andother $600 for 2 nights at Webers, I don't want to frop $600 on tickets and be turned away at the gates because they were fake. StubHub gives me recourse if that should occur and a clear sense that I'm going to have no problem when I get to the gate. There are more Michigan fans spread around this country than those in the stadium on any given Saturday and a reliable means of acquiring tickets is necessary for those of us coming to a game or two every year.