lots of Kentucky blue balls for McCall

Submitted by reddogrjw on May 8th, 2017 at 2:29 PM

what is the story here?


are we pushing for him?



edit - Marquan McCall, G (football, not basketball), from Oak Park, MI - currently #1 player in the state of Michigan per the 247 composite



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I think it'd be known if we were pushing for him by now, i.e. we are probably not. Our board at each position is decently well established at this point through the various insider channels.


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Riiiiight. Michigan is pushing for him and he's leaning for out of state... Kentucky.

This isn't basketball. If Michigan wants an in-state guy, he isn't leaving the state for a program like Kentucky. The ranking you bring up is irrelevant. College coaches don't give a rats ass what the recruiting sites rank a kid. Either he is a fit for your program or he isn't. Either the coaches like your game or they don't. It doesn't matter where you're from or what you're ranked.

The coaches shouldn't take an in-State kid just because the recruiting sites think he's pretty good and he's an in-state guy.


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Good chance he will end up at Michigan (though it was MSU he was initially likely to choose) and yes coaches do care where a recruit is ranked. Fit is most important but anyone who says coaches don't care about recruiting rankings do not know what the hell they are talking about.



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No. No they don't. If they did schools like Michigan wouldn't offer kids like St. Juste and kids like Sampson and McCall would be loaded with huge offers. Kids with the top offers tend to be ranked high, but it isn't because the coaches recruit based on those rankings.

The coaches do their own scouting. They don't care if a kid is ranked 100 or 400 on those sites.


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Well, somebody is pursuing him if there are lots of blue balls, but I have to question if the nature of that pursuit could land someone in court potetnially, or at least slapped with a restraining order, and rightfully so, I might add. Wait, what are we talking about exactly?

Yung Geezer

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Grandma seems to be responsible for the Big Blue Ballz


"Oak Park (Mich.) High Top247 offensive guard Marquan McCall was in Lexington on Friday for the Kentucky spring game. 
McCall made the trip with his grandmother."


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Sam has said multiple times that Michigan is not pushing hard since he is coming off ACL injury and guard isn't that huge of a need.

You people who don't really follow recruiting that closely need to step away from the ledge before casting a knee jerk reaction out there.


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Ace, Wiltfrong, and Ellis

That doesnt look good.

Ill be pretty pissed if we let the #1 talent in Michigan walk away especially considering he's the #4 OG in the country


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You'll be pissed if we let a kid that we haven't wanted in quite some time walk to a subpar SEC school? Does Harbaugh know your concerns? You think the recruiting sites have a better talent gauge than Harbaugh? Do you think they know better than Harbaugh who he should recruit?

You should really email the AD and voice your concerns. WD tells me this works.


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Maybe he's not a Michigan fan.  I know, it's weird that there might be some humans out there who don't like what we love.  Remember half the world is below average.