That loss is on Beilein

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That loss is 100% on John Beilein.  It is frustrating to see Michigan outplay Arkansas for 30 of the 40 minutes and lose.  How, HOW, does a team go up 20 in the first ten minutes and the coach not call a single timeout?  Arkansas was obviously feeling it.  They could not miss, the crowd was going crazy, they have all the momentum, and you don't want to try and call a T.O. to see if you can kill it?  That just blows my mind.  I literally cannot comprehend not calling one timeout in those first 10 minutes.  Arkansas went on a run probably 4 or 5 times, and you did not try to stop at least one?

Beilein is a good coach, and seems like a good guy, but you will never convince me he is not completely to blame for this one.  That is coaching 101.



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Well, then I guess that settles everything.
<br>It's a loss - it happens. UM also just beat a top-10 outfit in MSU. That's on a Beilein as well.


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Yet another game shooting under 30 percent from beyond the arc with a crazy volumes of attempts (28 to just 31 2-pointers). Someone please, please, please tell me why this offensive design is acceptable for this team given that they have proven to be erratic jump shooters.

Beilein is a great defensive coach. He has recruited some excellent talent here and done a nice job transitioning into giving his point guard more autonomy. But the remnants of his strategies that earned him the nickname "Threeline" SUCK. This is not Pittsnogle, Gansy and his son out there.




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Sorry my friend. Burke 6-19 THJ 3-8 and douglass shot 1-8 from 3. Yes they were down a lot but coaching got this team BACK INTO THE GAME. Lets think a litle before emotions take over the brain.

Hugh Jass

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YOU SUCK!  What do you know about coaching?  How many games have you ever won?  Michigan lost by two on the road when the 3 point attempt rimmed out at the buzzer.  I am sure coach BEILLEIN HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COMEBACK..../s  


So shut up


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The inside game and high percentage shots. Then start bombing threes. Don't get it. Young team with many players in need of more college time. Eg Hardaway.


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that when a team comes back in the 2nd half after a terrible first half and down something like 20 points, and calmly chips away in the 2nd half and only loses at the buzzer, that that has something to do with coaching.  What's it called... Making adjustments?  Teaching?  But who knows what went on in the locker room during intermission. 

Look Up_See Blue

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The frustrating thing is not what our coach did or did not do.  it's what the players did not do.  And that is execute to their potential like we all know they're capable of doing.  I watched the Arkansas/Kentucky game earlier in the week and Arkansas is not a great team.  These are kinds of games that we need to win if we want to be a national contender.  Arkansas played well and they deserve credit for lighting it up in the 1st half.  Our guys did not give up and faught all the way back, that is a strong sign.  They could've easily layed down and given up in a meaningless game.  I know it's hard to look at losses in a positive way.  But I think this loss can really help the growth and maturity that this team needs down the stretch.


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John Beilen has compeletely rebuilt this team and made it respectable again.  This kind of criticism is the same mentality as micromanagement.  With any coach, you take the bad with the good.  

Beilein sees the team six days a week counting practice and games; we see the team on TV or live once or twice a week.  Sometimes, you just have to look at the big picture and trust the coach to sweat the small stuff.


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and by blaming a coach completely for a loss, you are simply  crediting him totally for every win. yes , it really is that simple. Hoke deserves full credit for the miss by the vt fg kicker, correct?

The Shredder

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Blaming a loss on a coach for not calling a time out in the first ten mins of a game is insane. There were TV time outs and there is nothing wrong with letting your team play through a tough stretch. I did it all the time with my team. 

Also out played them for 30mins of a 40min game? Did we watch the same game? You lost me before your rant even started 


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Is to win the B1G and prepare your team for the B1G tournament and NCAA tournament.  Playing this game will help down the road should we draw an opponent who uses the same style in NCAA tournament.  You guys get way to up over wins and way too down over losses.  A game on the road after a gutsy victory over MSU full of emotion and and you wonder why they came out a little slow.  Beilein has forgotten more about basketball than you guys know, and got the team to settle down and get back in the game playing good defense with a freshmen point guard.....Get real!

steve sharik

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...I clicked on this thread--despite the title completely giving it away as a ludicrous, idiotic viewpoint--was to see how bad you'd be neg-bombed.  Alas, it was not enough.