Lorenz: Viramontes was Not Offered a LOI Today

Submitted by alum96 on February 3rd, 2016 at 4:20 PM

Still think this was the guy Justice had as his silent commit but reading between the lines it appears it was not accepted if accurate.  Lorenz says Vic was not offered a LOI today to sign.  So off to Cal he goes.  Strange since we had 1 spot for him I believe.  Would have loved to see him in Rich Rod's offense if not UM but that degree from Cal is worth a lot. 

Best of luck sir.



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Yep a lot of interesting decisions.  We still need some attrition to get down to 85 so not taking either of these guys means 1 less departure of current group.

With so many kids in and out of this class - and then a few "close", it makes college football that much more interesting to watch because unlike Hoke's process where everyone was in by August 31st other than 1-2 guys, we have a bevy of "potential Wolverines" all over the landscape to contrast and compare to the ones we took in.

I see Harbaugh immediately called Donovan People-Jones this afternoon as he "hates recruiting".   Off to 2017 we go - DT and OTs of the world, come on down!


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Now that VV is gone, the dream that he is a not only a workout machine, but an actual Transformer and will run through any Decepticon in his way, can die. Dude is a solid 3 star with above average potential, but some of the hyperbole of him possibly becoming one of the shining stars of this class was a bit much.


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That's what I thought.  I don't want to keep going to the 5th year QB well, but you'd have to give it a good long look.

This team with a (healthy) Taysom Hill would be sick.


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I think they ran out of spots. It's only outsiders that estimated they had a spot left. But everyone Michigan thought they would get they got. Vic didn't schedule his announcement until only recently and he did it after all the others went.


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To me, there are a few possible reasons for this:

1.  Michigan is expecting to take a grad transfer or two, and needs the spots for them;

2.  Michigan doesn't believe that Vic is worth the use of a scholarship.  Remember, ourside of the MGoLove that Vic has received, to all of the recruiting sites, he is a generic 3-star.  Certainly a decent recruit, but far from a must have.  Perhaps Harbaugh, fresh off his damn strong recruiting class in year 1, believes that he is going to be in on a large number of top kids next year (with fewer spots available) and he doesn't want to tie up the scholarship for 4 years for a kid who may not add much.

3.  This is really a subpoint to #2, but perhaps Harbaugh wants to balance the numbers in the classes a bit, and with this class already being huge, doesn't want to add yet another player.  If that player were a top recruit, he might be willing to do so, but perhaps for a lower-ranked kid like Vic, he doesn;t think it is worth further ballooning the class size.


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why would we have even contacted him again, let alone extend a provisional offer? And if he was a "silent commit" was it strictly one-way? Was it a conditional offer, based on whether we'd have space? None of this makes sense to me on the surface, but I suppose there's a back story that explains things.

Regardless, we didn't need another QB, and converting him to a full-time safety or LB would be an experiment. I'm disappointed he didn't sign with AZ, but that's recruiting. He'll get a good degree at Cal.

Wolverine 73

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Surprised we backed off of him.  Three OL in the class, one of whom says he may play some DL?  Looks as if we will be going hard at a lot of OL next year.  Hamilton had every right to change his mind, but his decommitment late in the game really put us in a tough spot in terms of adding a good OL.


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If I am Harbaugh, I am thinking I can do better next year. This guy wasn't going to play until 2017 at the earliest. Harbaugh figures he can probably land a 5 or high 4 star in 2017 that will be further along in his development.


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Wait. Wait. Wait. Was Vic not offered an LOI or did he not have one? Is the info from Vic, or his "camp", which was the reason he decommitted in the 1st place?


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a few things...

Ace says that Vic was in fact the silent commit, but 'things change'.  totally bummed about this.. now onto taysom hill.

I think we will go after two grad transfer linemen next year, when we have the need.

i think there is a surprise commit still coming today.

Mr. Yost

February 3rd, 2016 at 6:06 PM ^

I'm talking 5th year guys who some rumored would get the "firm handshake."

If that's Kalis...bring him back with the extra scholarship from this class. If Kalis was always in and that was Bars...try to talk him into staying for another year.

It's just 1 year so it has no impact on next year...it just saves us from playing a guy like Bredeson in scrub minutes and provides us with a 5th year senior who knows the system and contribute if needed.


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Better chance for him to shine at Cal.  Less talent there.  I wanted Hill, Gary, and Asiasi.  Perfect day for me.  Anyone else would have been welcomed.  Great day .  More of these to come in the future.


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is one recruit is not going to move the needle toward a championship. That's what I love about college football. It is indeed a team game. So I wouln't fret over losing a recruit.

MoJo Rising

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Viramontes was the one to tell Michigan he was going to Cal and not to hold a place for him? I would bet that Cal had a much more detailed plan for him at QB than what Michigan was telling him about being able to compete at the position.