Looking for vintage Charles Woodson pic

Submitted by exmtroj on June 14th, 2010 at 8:31 PM

Ok, so I'm in the process of designing my Michigan room, and I've decided to put large black-and-white photos of our three Heisman winners on the wall above my desk.  I've already got the black-and white pics of Desmond and Harmon that I bought from the official MGoBlue photo site, but I'm looking for a large Woodson picture in the same colors.  I would prefer the image from the '98 Rose Bowl where the camera shot him from behind as he points to the sky.  I have the image on my computer, but it's too small for Walgreens to print in poster size without distortion.  Does anyone know where I could buy a similar picture, or  does anyone have a higher-res image of the pic I'm talking about?  Thanks.



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well if you really wanted to go crazy with it, you could put the picture in adobe illustrator and livetrace it, making it a vector image... then you could expand it to as large as you wanted without image loss. but of course, when you're live tracing, you can only get so close....


it'll work... well, probably, but it'll be a pain in the ass. i'm trying to do the same thing with the 1998 SI cover of the michigan national championship


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You might be interested in this. It is a reproduction of the newspaper after the Rose Bowl. It has the picture of Woodson you are looking for, and measures 16x24. The only thing is it is the reprint of the Free Press paper. Not bad for $10 and it would look pretty sharp when it's framed.



There is also this one, which looks like Woodson celebrating after his punt return against OSU, but the date in the description says 10-24-1997, which I don't think is right.



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I have the Adobe Creative Suite and access to the highest-quality photos anywhere (and I get them for free!). Let me see if I can find the photos you guys are looking for, and if so, I can turn them black and white (or whatever else you prefer) and email them. Exmtroj, is this the photo you're referring to?

Woodson in the Rose Bowl

Or this one?

Woodson interception


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The picture I have is actually the exact same one but from a camera angle directly in front of Woodson rather than behind him. Does that work for you? If so, I'll save a super-high-quality photo in black and white and email it to you. What's your email address?


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Hi Shorts,

I found this thread as I was searching for this exact Charles Woodson photo that the others mentioned.  My husband is a huge Michigan fan and is finally getting his Michigan room in our new house.  One of the photos he wanted to get framed was of Charles Woodson holding a rose in his mouth after the win against OSU (which I could never find).  I thought maybe the one from the Rose Bowl would be just as good!  Do you still have the picture?  Thanks!


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Could you possibly make one of Woodson's interception vs. MSU? It's the same image as the one posted by MgoViper. The only images I can find of it are big enought to only fit on the size of an index card. It doesn't have to be black and white, I was just looking for a high quality pic of it. If you don't have time for it or it's too time consuming, you can just forget it.


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Let me see if I can find a good high-quality photo of that. If I find one, that shouldn't be a problem. What's your email address?


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I can only find two versions of the Woodson INT against MSU, and both of them are pretty poor quality (like screenshots from the game video). I can try to sharpen it up a little, but I don't know if you could blow it up to poster size -- it probably wouldn't look very good.