Looking for a very detailed Seat/Row map of Michigan Stadium

Submitted by Moonlight Graham on October 10th, 2018 at 12:04 PM

Yes, I Googled it, but I'm looking for some specific details on row and seat numbers. 

I have seats 12 and 13 in a Section 7 row, and they are on the aisle. I want to buy 2 additional tickets near us and there are a seat 1 and 2 in the same row, section 8 available. I want to make sure they're right across the aisle but none of the ticket site maps are that specific. I don't want to find out that they're on the entire opposite side of the row. The "view from this seat" on StubHub looks like they *might* be across the aisle? 

So, anyone have an über-detailed map or familiar with sections 7 and 8? Thanks!


Leaders And Best

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EDIT: The seats are even further than I earlier indicated as I misread your post. Seat 1 in Section 8 is near the end of Section 9. So these seats are almost a full section and a half from yours. Your section 7 seats are on the aisle in the MIDDLE of section 7 not the end of the section. Seat 1 in Section 8 is by the end of Section 9.

The best way to look at this is go to mgoblue.com and search to buy tickets by seats for Indiana.

Here is the direct link to the Michigan Football tickets page. Click "Find Tickets" for Indiana as it is the only game that has available tickets left. The "Purchase by Seat" tab allows you to click on a section and zoom in on the rows and individual seats. Use some of the available seats to give you landmarks to map out where your seats will be.




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This.  AFAIK, seat 1 is never an aisle seat.

Also, when you're finding your row, sit on the bench that has your row number on it (they're on the end of the bench, oriented toward the aisle).  The numbers carved into the steps confuse nearly everyone; you end up sitting one row away from your seats.


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Not much help here, except to say that the "view from the seat" on StubHub is only taken from the general vicinity, there's not a unique picture for each row, much less for each seat, so don't use that view as guidance at all.


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The thing to keep in mind here is that the seat numbers run counterclockwise, in the opposite direction of the section numbers.

So seats 1 and 2 in section 8 are actually next to section 9, not section 7.

Section 1.8

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That's right.  As far as I am aware, the aisles are all in the middle of sections.  And so seat 1 is in the middle of a row, equidistant between two aisles.  I'm honestly not sure if that is universal all the way around the Stadium but I think so.

Sections 7 and 8 are corner sections, as you probably know.  They are oddly-shaped and don't go all the way down to the field; but I think the same seat-numbering rule holds.  The lower rows in 7 and 8 would have fewer seats.  Did anybody mention what row we are talking about here?



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Leaders And Best and Jeremy are correct. You would be a full section and a half from seats 1-2 in Section 8.

There are 26 seats per section, or at least there are in my section as I have seat 26 and the seat to my right is seat 1 of the next section.

As you go up in section numbers around the bowl (counter-clockwise) the seat numbers go from highest to lowest. The aisles are in the middle of sections, or at least they are in the SE part of the stadium.


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For a more visual representation.


Section 7 seats.jpg


The red lines are about the approximate edges of Section 7.


The yellow line on the left would be about where seats in Section 8 would be for seats 1 and 2.


The yellow line on the right would be (my guess) where your seats along the aisle would be. Perhaps they are on the right side of the aisle instead of the left.


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Isles aren’t  between sections theyre in the middle of them.   12 and 13 in that section should be on the left side of the aisle as you’re facing the field. 

 So if you use the SeatGeek map or any of the other maps that show where the aisle is relative to the section just know that you’re right to the left of the aisle. 


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the rows are the same the entire way around the field regardless of section, seats go 1-# beginning closest to midfield and move across toward the endzone. I've called the ticket office about this in the past so hopefully it helps. The ticket office staff are very friendly and accommodating though if you have other direct questions: Mgoblue.com 


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I have 2 available in South Endzone sec 13 row 38. 105 face value. 7 is the opposite side.


I posted on an old Rivals ticket exchange board. Not sure what the best process is currently for ticket exchange. Alumni Association used to have a mechanism but does'nt seem to work any longer

Email @ [email protected] 


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We have seats 1 and 2 in sect 19 and immediately to our left is sect 20 and to the right seats 3 and 4 in 19.  Basically as others have said, 1 and 2 are as far from the aisle in a section in MI Stadium as you can get.


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I sit in section 8 seats 26 and 27 and I am in the dead middle of the row where the bench bends, and to my right as I face the field is seat 1, section 7. So seat 1 in section 8 would be an entire section away. Guess you could gamble that someone next to your aisle seats would trade two seats and still have essentially the same view...however 7/8 are mostly alum, and good friends, many like myself have had those seats 30+ years...so...

rob f

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We have a total of 6 seats in Section 36 (2 in one row, 4 in the next row) and our seats are on the aisle, beginning with Seats 16 & 15. Seats 1 and 2 are over a dozen seats away in the interior, butting up to the seats in Section 37,  meaning that the poor soul in seat 1 has to climb over 15 of us to get to the aisle.


Or from our perspective, we have at least a dozen fans who have to climb over us to get in and out when they head to concessions and restrooms or leave early.  I guess that's the small price we pay for the privilege of holding aisle seats.