Looking for symphonic version of The Victors

Submitted by shorts on September 1st, 2010 at 5:10 AM

You know those "Michigan Difference" commercials with the symphonic (for lack of a better word) version of The Victors? Here's a link to the video if you're not familiar.

I absolutely love that version of the song and am wondering if anybody knows where (or if) I can download it, preferably without the commercial voice-over.

Suggestions? Thanks in advance.



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Hmm, it used to be available for download from micchigandifference.org but I don't see the link anymore. I have the mp3 and can upload it for you tonight. I'm already going to be making some Victors & Temptation ringtones for a few friends tonight. Time to queue up The Victors Valiant album on your iPods, folks.


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and here is a link that shows you how to convert it into an Iphone ringtone:



(you will need to clip the music in itunes first before converting it and the link shows you how to do that).

EDIT: I've actually done all the work, so here is the ringtone itself:





Michigan Difference theme download

Michigan Difference theme download
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My brother sent me a cool violin/cello version of The Victors, which I always thought made the Michigan Difference commercials infinitely more awesome.

Since you all bleed maize and blue, I imagine at least a few might want to have a good copy of it. I uploaded it to this page , although I don't know if that's the best site.

If the link fails, just let me know and I'll get another one back up.

Definitely my new ringtone.



I am not a big cry at the
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I am not a big cry-at-the-movies type...but a couple of those comercials actually made my eyes wet...at great bit of advertising and that has to be my favourite version of the Victors

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I've actually tried to find this a few times before.

The downloaded version worked
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The downloaded version worked fine for the first 5 seconds then started to "pop" after that

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the file is fine
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You might have a codec issue

I re-downloaded it and it
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I re-downloaded it and it works great...now the ringtone on my BB...thanks a bunch for digging this up and sharing it.

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The Michigan Difference: It's why amazing happens at Michigan.

thanks for this. it's now also available athttp://www.umich.edu/~jvhollan/13_The_Victors.m4a

I WILL find a way to use this
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I WILL find a way to use this in my wedding someday. I don't care who the girl is, if she walks down the aisle to that song, I'll be in love for life.

Well done
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I downloaded it and now on to converting it to a ring tone. Here is a useful link for iphone users:



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I apologize for being technologically deficient, but how do I download the mp3 from those links? They just take me to an embedded Quicktime player that plays the song, but I can't figure out how to download it.


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I think it worked through the USAUpload link posted above -- I still can't get the Quicktime ones, because when I right-click on it it only offers me "about Quicktime plug-in," "save as source (pro version only)," and "save as Quicktime movie (pro version only)."

Is it not possible to save those without having Quicktime Pro?


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That song came on randomly on my iPod on shuffle when I was on an amtrack pulling into ann arbor a couple of months ago after coming back for the first time in a couple of years, and I definately starting tearing up.  Props to whoever wrote it.