Looking for a Lloyd Carr quote

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It was about winning and how fans no longer are satisfied with winning a close/hard fought game -- they want to embarrass the other team. Or something to that effect. Anyone? My Google skills didnt come up with anything.




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would not have expanded his explanation to such a degree.  Carr really never preached his beliefs he just practiced them. 

And many times he played a close hard fought game by accident against a team that should be gotten blown out, but that was often not a virtue but just bad coaching.


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You can just ask Coach Hoke if you want. Some people say he is Lloyd Carr.


But then you might be able to ask Ondre Pipkins. Some people think he's really Coach Hoke, who may or may not actually be Lloyd Carr.


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I'm drawing a blank here for Lloyd saying that.  But most coaches started talking about the never satisfied expectations of fans in the 90's, even when it comes to margin of victory.   

I remember a fluff piece ESPN did the year after Danny Wuerffel graduated from Florida stating how sad Gator fans were that they were only winning games by scores of 20-10 or 21-6 instead of 62-7 and 58-6.   I was only a teenager but I remember thinking what a load of crap this was to even be considered newsworthy. 

Just win, baby.


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not the quote you're looking for, but one of the most memorable...

when we were up on OSU by two touchdowns going into halftime, michigan decided to kill clock with two timeouts in their pocket, instead of tacking on more.  the sideline reporter asked lloyd why we didn't try to get more on the board given the timeout situation.  lloyd responded, "why would you ask a dumb question like that?"  and walked away.





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Not sure if Lloyd ever said anything specifically along those lines, but he did say this and for some reason, I recall it:

“Dealing with success is more agreeable than dealing with losing, ... but it's no less difficult. Now we have to deal with all these people patting us on the back. But it's not wise to listen to that because it might distract you from what you need to get done.”

I've always found this to be true, and he did put it well. This, as well as over 200 other Carr-attributed quotes are here: http://www.successories.com/iquote/author/4619/lloyd-carr