Looking for advice for Saturday's Game

Submitted by josejose50 on September 4th, 2013 at 7:04 PM

I'm heading to the game on Saturday and would like to ask those who went two years ago or remember the details a couple of questions.

1) What time did Pioneer open up? Was it worth it to go there a few hours ahead of game time or was it full from first thing in the morning?

2) Were any of the other lots around the area (like the lumber yard) open?

3) Any good suggestions for pictures of the stadium or area before the game?

I've gone to a game or two for the last few years but they were almost all early games so I'm sure what to expect heading down for the big game.



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I would check when the lots open. Two years ago it was noon, and the golf course was closed cause of heavy rain the night before. I know the golf course won't open till noon this year, I would imagine pioneer is the same.


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A good friend gave me this advice so I'll pass it on ... If it smells like fish, make it a dish. If it smells like provolone, leave it alone.


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we plan on getting to AAGO around 11:30 to see if we can get in or not.  They dont open till noon, but Im not sure how strict that is.  We'll see.


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I just mean that I want to get there when they open.  I know they open at noon.  I am just getting there a little early just to see if they are letting people in yet.  If not I will wait. 


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I have never tailgated at Pioneer or the Golf Course, but just wondering how are the Police with alcohol and open containers? Is it allowed, do they turn a blind eye, or do they hand out tickets?



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I know they tried to restrict parking until noon two years ago but I was able to park at Pioneer at roughly 11:00 and by noon the line was 1/2 a mile long down Stadium. 

As for pictures, south campus is always a good option for pictures of the Univeristy.  I also think that the exterior of Crisler looks amazing.


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Flying in from Seattle on Fri morning. Got a plan for a round of golf on Fri and catch the M Soccer game at night.

What should be my plan for Sat? 8PM is pretty darn late. I have no idea what I should do all day??!!! Angelo's in the morning? Blimpy's for luch (NOT!)?


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If you walk anywhere within a half mile radius of the stadium, you'll see people grilling out, drinking, and tossing football arounds starting at in the morning going until primetime.  Just find a place to park and bring food and beer, and you'll have a good time.  Everyone is there to have a good time.  And while ND fans may annoy me, the ones that come to the Big House are all easy to get along.


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Are the downtown parking structures still their hourly rate n football Saturdays? I'm thinking of not paking in a neighborhood Sat, but instead hanging out downtown during the day and then walking from there. So I figured I'd have to get to a structure early, but wasn't sure how the pricing worked on football Saturdays


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Traffic police will be posted at AAGO by 11am. If you try to line up early you will be turned away. Also, if you do not have an AAGO season pass you will be turned away before noon. They are not allowing left hand turns on AA Saline into AAGO gates. Which means you have to be in the right hand turn lane and not crossing traffic. AAGO parking attendants are not allowing non-season pass holders in before noon. They learned a lot from UTL I and are on the look out for the mad dash. I know AAGO was closed for UTL I due to rain, but they still let members and season pass holders in only. They must have had many others try to no avail. Good luck folks!

Nuckin Futs

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We met at the mall and drove in together so we wouldn't get split up (had 3 cars). We got to the red lot line at 1150 and were about 20 cars deep, but no one turned us away.


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AAGO does have season pass holders that get in at 11:30. Then they close the gates again until noon.On other game days they get in at 7. Then open again to the public at 7:30. This allows AAGO members and season pass holders time to get in and get set up early.


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If Pioneer opens up early again, someone should start an official gameday parking thread on Sat morning. Let the other fans know the situation. Much appreciated ahead of time.


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Four of us making the trek down from Toronto, ON & Halifax, NS for our first game at Big House...we've all been to numerous NFL stadiums and are well aware that this will be a MUCH different experience...

Planning on heading into Ann Arbor late morning with a trunk full of cold beverages ready for some tailgating...any thoughts/tips/warnings/invites are welcome and appreciated!!!



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I offer up these selections for photo opportunities, some of which I include in a previous post.


Exterior of the stadium

  • Head to Gate 8 at the northwest corner.  Just inside the gate is a bronze wolverine statue.  At just the right angle, you can get the wolverine, the pine trees and the block M on the back side of the north video board all in the same shot.
  • The northwest tower of the west sideline structure.  Look for the stairs immediately south of Gate 8.  Depending on the placement of concession stands on the lower concourse, the area between Gate 8 and the aforementioned stairs is my pick for the best shot of any of the four towers.  It puts the size of the building in perspective of the surroundings.  You may need to wait to be let into the stadium before you can take an unobstructed photo of said view.
  • On the north end, Gate 9.  A clear shot of the block M on the back side of the north video board.
  • Gate 1, east sideline, the tunnel.  This is a very popular location.
  • By 6:00 p.m., from Section 1 left stairway (at the tunnel), watch the players and coaches arrive to the stadium locker room. Gates to Michigan Stadium open at this time also. I recommend walking in immediately after watching the team arrive.


Interior of the stadium

  • Enter stadium at Gate 1 and begin taking in the enormity of the new construction on the East side. Note the old art deco style “michigan stadium” letters (all lower case) over Section 1 entrance into the bowl straight ahead. These letters, and the corresponding letters over Section 23 entrance on the West side, came from atop the former press box.
  • Take a peek inside the bowl from Section 1 or Section 44. While there, note the section of chair back seats at midfield at the top of the bowl on the opposite side. That area is the footprint of the former press box. Note the spatial differences between the location of the old press box and the new sideline structure.
  • Heading back out of the seating bowl to the concourse, walk from one end of the East lower concourse to the other, noting the signage of former Michigan greats along the outer wall. At the Southeast corner of the lower concourse is a display of the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association Wall of Fame.
  • By way of the north end or the south end, walk around to the west side of the stadium. Along the way take in the special inlaid bricks at each of the four corners (entrance gates) of the stadium and the corresponding “plazas”.
  • On the west side, note the shields mounted on the exterior wall of the lower concourse identifying each of Michigan’s 11 national championship teams.
  • Again, above Section 23 entrance, note the “michigan stadium” letters.
  • My selection for TOP PHOTO-OP: From either the southwest tower or the northwest tower of the west sideline structure, take the public stairway to the upper concourse. It is the ONLY space from within either sideline structure available to the public. This space, being above the last row of seats in the bowl, provides a vantage point of the stadium never before available to fans.  Be sure to take in the breathtaking view at the northwest end (above student section) of downtown Ann Arbor.  It is exceptional!
  • When matriculating from one end of the upper concourse to the other, you will want to take the path around the back side of the concessions (closest toward Main Street).  Be sure to take in the view of what is at this point in the evening a closed Main Street.

Feat of Clay

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If the guy ahead of you has a coronary event, do CPR on him and save his life.  Particularly if he is wearing ND gear.  It will be a feel-good story the media cannot leave alone.