A look at updated blind resumes

Submitted by MGoChippewa on March 5th, 2011 at 1:35 AM

Michigan's recent surge on the hardwood has led to speculation that we're in great position with a win Saturday against MSU.  Here's a blind resume look at past and present tourney fates.


Team A 23-8(10-7) 59 @ #33; 88-82            @. #125; 80-60      133
Team B 21-12(9-7)  56 v. #14; 75-62 v. #211; 67-66 36
Team C 21-13(9-9) 62 v. #12; 82-73 v. #222; 74-77 37
Team D 19-10(9-7) 39 v. #24; 96-92 N #99; 83-62 30
Team E 23-11(9-7) 55 v. #26; 62-52 @#159; 67-62 74

Team A (VaTech) did not make the tournament, Team B (Florida) made it as a 10 seed, Team C (Minnesota) made it as an 11 seed, Team D (Wake Forest) received a 9 seed, Team E (Miss. St.) did not make it.  Of these five teams, Michigan's resume (RPI: 58, SOS: 24) most closely resembles that of Minnesota's for this year.  However, we are missing the big win, similar to the one they had over Purdue.  So a 2nd win against MSU on Saturday seems necessary.


Team A 19-10(7-8) 73 v. #14; 70-67             @ #159; 72-71    67
Team B 18-12(8-9) 39 v. #9; 79-67 v. #284; 57-54 13
Team C 20-9(9-6) 35 v. #12; 77-70 v. #33; 59-57 31
Team D 18-12(8-9) 57 @#43; 61-57 @ #177; 80-61 22
Team E 18-11(8-7) 40 N #30; 67-65 v. #154; 75-67 18
Team F 23-7(12-3) 60 N #6; 65-54 N #169; 67-54 151
Team G 19-10(9-8) 69 #34 x2; 87-80, 80-69 @ #152; 69-43 88

Team A is Nebraska, Team B is Illinois, Team C is Georgia, Team D is, of course, Michigan, Team E is Boston College, Team F is Richmond and Team G is Washington State who will be without star guard Klay Thompson on Saturday against UCLA due to a charge for possessing the sticky icky.  The surprising one here is B.C. whose resume is much better than I thought.  Illinois and Georgia are considered somewhat solidly in as of right now.  Richmond, Michigan and B.C. are in, but not by much and Nebraska is out, along with WSU.

In conclusion, with three more spots this year, it seems evident that Michigan can almost certainly lock up a spot with a win against MSU.  To our benefit, a lot of the teams from the 2011 blind resume have limped down the stretch.  Today is the perfect opportunity for UofM to solidify a spot.



March 5th, 2011 at 10:00 AM ^

Fortunately, a few teams should exit today.  A loss to UCLA is likely for Wazzou without Thompson, and that might be all they need to fall off.  Nebraska plays Colorado in a game that will probably knock the loser into the NIT, same goes for the VaTech-Clemson matchup. Richmond plays a fiesty Duquesne team that knocked off #23 Temple earlier this year.  So there's a very good chance that the bubble picture is somewhat clear going in to the conference tournaments.


March 5th, 2011 at 10:15 AM ^

Klay Thompson is a great basketball player, so that loss really hurst WSU. They probably needed this one to have a shot of getting in. But back to Thompson, IIRC Beilein was recruiting him and it came down to Wazzu and us. It's too bad he picked the Cougars, because he's a lethal shooter and scorer.