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2013 Top Universities by Reputation

  1. Harvard
  2. MIT
  3. Cambridge
  4. Oxford
  5. UC-Berkeley
  6. Stanford
  7. Princeton
  8. UCLA
  9. Tokyo
  10. Yale
  11. California Institute of Technology
  12. University of Michigan

.. top 100 most powerful global university brands. A spin-off of the annual World University Rankings, the reputation league table is based on nothing more than subjective judgement - but it is the considered expert judgement of senior, published academics - the people best placed to know the most about excellence in our universities.


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I think this may have been posted recently. OTOH, it's always a nice reminder of why you can tell Domers to STFU when they say they can't get good players because of their schools prestigious academic standing


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Interesting that Columbia is right beneath Michigan.  I just got into both for b-school and am really tossing and turning on where to go.  I know this is overall global university brands, but still interesting nonetheless that you posted this... timing couldn't be more relevant for me.



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Yeah, i mean i went to U of M undergrad, and I absolutely loved it (obviously- who wouldn't?) 

Now I'm back in NYC (I grew up here) so NYC is certainly my kind of thing.  All else equal i'd round out my experience and go to Columbia, but Ross gave me some scholarship money.  I probably sound like a complainer, but yeah- tough decisions ahead.


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If this is for me i'll give you the quick answer (General Studies)  and

the tl;dr answer:

I started off in the RC, and was pretty much undeclared- I knew i could take the courses i wanted to take, and retrofit a major at some point.  RC Social Science was that way- but it required a research/thesis and I didn't have the time to put out a good product.  So Iultimately decided to go BGS.    I focused on marketing courses in the b school (fought to get into those), took accounting, EECS183, Public speaking in Schoo lof Kinesiology... i was all over the place.  I basically mirrored Org Studies.


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Yeah Columbia isn't giving me anything, and michigan is giving me full tuition.  Having a girlfriend complicates things a bit (not the deciding factor, but is a consideration).  It's hard to ask her to uproot and move to Ann Arbor (she loves NYC, friends family etc.)  I'm 28, she's 29 so the idea of moving to a "college town" isn't as sexy.  Although, AA is more than just a college town IMHO.  At any rate,  i suppose these are "champagne problems".


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but law schools, for example, juke the stats, so to some extent you would have to take employment stuff with a grain of salt (I know you're talking b-school, but the point still stands). I was having the same dilemma in a way a few months ago. I went to Michigan undergrad, took a year off, and decided to pursue my dream of being an urban planner. Michigan has a respectable school in that area, but I just couldn't bring myself to apply. I wanted to "cross pollinate" (and embarassingly, I had been rejected at a couple of Michigan things before, and didn't feel like getting rejected again). Anyway, now it's looking like I'll end up at Penn, and I think it will be fine, and it's usually good to have other names on the resume, though the money could be hard to turn down in your situation.


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Go to Columbia if you want to do anything relayed to Finance. They get more recruiters in that field. Don't judge them based upon the lack of scholarship money. Over the long run the ROI works out. Make sure that you want to do finance however as the non finance students are treated like IU football: strange, difficult to look at, and no one really knows if they belong.

For any other field go to Michigan. Better experience, more personable classmates, and profs.


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is slightly better ranked and if you want to break into I-banking it is definitely a better choice than Ross - if you're looking outside of finance and if you're more flexible in your job location after graduation than I would strongly consider going back to Michigan. 

If it's NYC or bust than it's tougher to do it from Ross, although many students have done so in past by putting their networking skills to use.


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Yeah I think it's very feasible to get back to NYC after Ross (one of the top destinations).  I'm not in i-banking, i work in systems integration practice a major consulting company, and want to transition into either mgmt consulting or maybe even something marketing/technology focused.  

Basically, it comes down to- how much is Columbia's "brand" worth.


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my sense is that Ross is stronger for general tech placement and has better presense in the West coast - plus, most of the Columbia grads I know who work in tech companies tend to stay on the finance track.

That said, if you're seriously going for management consulting as your main then you should know that hiring is mostly region based and you have a much better shot of getting into a NYC/NE office from Columbia than from Michigan, which places people more into Chicago/Detroit/DC


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If you are seriously considering marketing, Michigan is the better choice for that.  I'm in consumer packaged goods marketing and I've never even met a person from Columbia in my field.  I would imagine that they exist, I just never met anyone.  Full disclosure, I work in Chicago, but I did intern at J&J in New Jersey and I don't remember any Columbia people from when I was there.  Harvard, Wharton, NYU yes, but not Columbia.

Tech marketing may be slightly different, but I kind of doubt that the trend would flip.  I do know of a bunch of people that went into tech marketing from Michigan - primarily West Coast.

Management consulting probably doesn't matter either way other than location as noted by another poster.



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It's nice, but these things don't have a lot of credibility. Berkeley ranked ahead of Stanford and Columbia? Princeton ranked just a shade ahead of UCLA? Makes no sense whatsoever


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these things are largely self-fulfilling in a sense. If you see that Michigan is that highly regarded, perhaps it makes you more likely to go there rather than somewhere else. To someone else's point, the biggest problem I ran into as an undergrad was feeling that some professors did not have the highest respect for Michigan undergrads as a whole, though they were not necessarily totally wrong, and of course as an individual student you had power over how they saw you.