Lolo Jones: "Denard, you could not beat me or Usain Bolt in a race"

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Would downvote her posts on sight.


(on college gameday, being the guest picker)



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Yeah,  ever since that tweet she sent to Eric LeGrand from Rutgers (link to story here) I've had like no respect for her.  Not that I really ever did.  She's not that great of a hurdler.

What happened:

Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones ignited some unexpected controversy when she trash-talked about head injuries to former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand after he jokingly challenged her to a race on Twitter. She obviously had no idea the defensive tackle had been paralyzed in a game during the exchange made Tuesday night.

After LeGrand tweeted to Jones "want to race me?," Jones replied: "Get Checked for a concussion. Clearly, u've been hit in the head... Cos u arnt beating a track athlete."

When other users informed Jones of LeGrand's injuries, she wrote: "Great I'm gonna get murdered for that tweet. When I had no clue who that dude was.Just responding to any athlete who challenges me to a race."

She didn't even seem to feel bad, she was just worried about the public reaction.

Also, by doing this is she comparing her speed to Usain's?   They're nowhere near the same league.


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I can understand she maybe didn't know who he is but maybe you should know before you fire off a shitty response on Twitter. She handled it very poorly, even after she found out but Legrand handled it like a champ. He realizes there are more important things to get upset in life than Twitter comments.…


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See, now that's funny. It also illustrates the difference between a joke about sexism v. a sexist joke. Sex, race, etc are all fair game for making jokes, but that doesn't mean all (or even most) jokes about sex, race, etc aren't sexist, racist, etc.


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Good God, I'm glad it was alrady mentioned but she made a sassy comment about a beloved football player and we resort to calling her names (nasty ones at that)?!  She HAS been succesful in her career, by the way.  She damn near won Gold save for an unlucky fall; no it's not a medal but it's more than any of you have ever accomplished.  She MADE the olympics this past summer, four long years in a track athletes lifespan, later; that's called an accomplishment.  She's wrong though, yes, Denard would beat her but it'd be closer than any of you think.


BTW, Denards times from HS where he ran 10.49 or whatever.  Is that hand timed or an FAT?!

Charlie Chunk

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Sorry to say this Lolo, but not only would Denard beat you, but I think Norfleet would do it too!  I'd like to be there when they run, because this little stunt might happen one day!

Go Denard!


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Um guys, is it that serious? I love Denard, but it sounded like pretty harmless smack talk / joking to me. We have to be better than this. This is Michigan fergodsakes!


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She is just defending a diminishing sport that without Bolt is irrelevant. Trashing bolt is like trashing Jesus to a track athlete.

She is trying, but like her sport... failing.


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KAWTER:  im confused, ignorance?  ran 10.44 100 in H.S! Women's wr is 10.49 In 2010 he ran 6.81 60, the women's WR is 6.92.


LOLO:  ignorant?! Who Said I run the 100? I run the hurdles Dummy! So yes! no way denard could beat me in a race! Do more research homie


KAWTER: lol  he wouldn't even have to tie his shoes. Maybe if you started from the lady's tees. ;-O