The logjam at Spur

Submitted by iawolve on November 15th, 2010 at 5:59 PM

In strange way (I know it sounds odd to say this), we have created depth or at least depth of promising talent on defense. However, it seems to have been restricted to one position which is Spur. Now we have Cam, Carvin and Thomas Gordon all at the same spot according to the latest depth chart and I am happy when any of three in the game. I am not going to call any of them All-B10 this year, but all three have brought some solid play (Cam and Thomas more so than Carvin since he missed a number of games with an injury). Not sure how we can get each player more minutes, but I am actually excited to see more from each guy in the entire three deep. Now, we just need to start having this problem at other positions on D.



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these are good problems to have.  depth allows you to play fresh players who can bring more explosiveness.  also, i imagine that they'll learn more than one position, so we can create a rotation, such as relieving kovacs and vinopal on occassion.  and one of them may grow into mouton's OLB position.  plus, it also makes it harder for teams to keep track of what the D is doing when you have guys rotating.


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Carvin is also the backup FS.

Furthermore, Cameron Gordon might be able to put on a few pounds and become the weakside linebacker to replace Jonas Mouton.

I'm not too worried about the "logjam."


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True, but Carvin is the next FS on the depth chart.  I'm guessing the coaches don't want a true freshman being the #2 guy at two positions in the same week.  If he's the #2 spur this week, somebody else is probably getting snaps with the #2s at FS.  But if Vinopal were to come down with an injury tomorrow, I'd guess Johnson would be the starting FS on Saturday.

The Baughz

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I agree. These are great problems to have. Having depth is critical no matter what level of football you play at. I was impressed with Carvin. I think he will be a great asset on D in the years to come. However, imo, I think Cam has the spur locked up. He has found a home there. He is not a safety as we all know why. However, Carvin needs to be on the field as well. I think they are planning on moving either Carvin or Marvin to Mouton's spot for next year. I cant remember which one. But it is nice to see all of the guys contributing and playing at a higher level than in weeks past. Hopefully, through recruiting, they can add some LB and DL depth.


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I'd rather have a "logjam" that I could build a fortified house with than a piece of plywood that I use for shelter in the rain.


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Will be the starter next year at either Mouton's spot or Spur. The other pieces will fall into place depending on that, MRob's development, where Woolfolk is slotted when he returns, Mike Jones' ability and the maturation of T Gordon and Carvin. Remember backups play too and defensive packages vary from game to game and drive to drive so these guys can/will all play enough to contribute.


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My guess is one, but only one, of Marvin and Cam Gordon will play the WILL next fall.  That leaves Thomas Gordon, Carvin Johnson, the other of Cam and Marvin, and Kovacs to man the bandit and spur spots.  That's not too much of a logjam, and that doesn't include the possibility of a SS recruit coming in. 

The nice thing is that they are all freshmen, eligibility-wise, other than Kovacs who is a soph. 


November 15th, 2010 at 7:47 PM ^

I think there is alot of concern for specific positions for freshman players.  They will have huge growth spurts going into their soph years....probably the most they will physically grow with a college weight program. 

There are a few other guys that are redshirting that may also push for playing time with some growth.  I think the biggest thing will be bowl and spring practices this year to develop players into getting them more experience so that they hit the ground next season with more confidence and will naturally play "faster" by reading and reacting.  There were still alot of plays where players were waiting for the offensive players to initiate contact vs. getting to and through blockers and to the runner/receiver.  That will happen with more growth/strength and experience.


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I'm going off the assumption that we wont have a position called Spur or Bandit. Maybe I'll be wrong, but I see a more traditional NT-DT-SDE-WDE-  MLB-SLB-WLB. CB-CB FS-SS.


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I find it interesting that we talk of how a defensive recruit would be crazy to not want to come here because  playing time is a given, and we also speak of all the depth of young guys we have that will be coming into their own. I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin.


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Totally NOT SHOCKED.  If I remember correctly, every safety we were recruiting last year were quoted as saying "they are recruiting me for the Spur...".  I think that caused me to panic why we weren't recruiting any cover safeties.

Dark Blue

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Next year we get Woolfolk back who will probably play corner. The reason I say that is that Vinopal looks like he's gonna be the real deal. At the other Corner spot we have either Avery or Floyd, I'm guessing Avery at this point. Then you have the Spur and Bandit position. MRob could maybe take over for Kovacs at bandit, but I don't really believe that will happen. Sure Kovacs isn't the fastest guy or the best athlete out there, but he's shown himself to be a sure tackler, and a very smart football player. That leaves us with the Spur, which could be occupied by Cam or Carvin, I personally thing Cam moves to Mouton's positon and Carvin takes over the Spur.

The point of this is: We are gaining tons of experience and you know what dudes, these kids have tons of talent. They are young, and they'll be young again next year, but next year we won't be starting any true freshman. This team is gonna be a force, We're gonna have a legitimate shot at running the table next year.


November 15th, 2010 at 10:40 PM ^

I agree with everything except the running the table part. You have to assume there will be injuries again next year and although I think we'll make a big jump on defense it would take a massive leap for us to approach average. If we're in contention for a BCS bowl I'll be very happy.

Sidenote: If running the table is the goal, I hope you don't think one score wins against FCS competition are beyond criticism next year.

Dark Blue

November 15th, 2010 at 11:15 PM ^

Sidenote: If running the table is the goal, I hope you don't think one score wins against FCS competition are beyond criticism next year.

I don't understand how a win can be criticized. Lots of very good teams have had some incredibly ugly wins. The beauty of an ugly win, is a) it's still a win, and b) No one will remember it in 5 years.

Also fwiw, I think our defense only has to be slightly worse then average for this team to be a legitimate contender. Our offense is gonna be a force.

Brown and Blue

November 16th, 2010 at 8:20 AM ^

Since you mentioned Cam Gordon, I feel entitled to say:  I loved his low-key but emphatic touchdown celebration.

And, not to sound like a wuss, but I generally really like the way that all of our players toss the ball to the ref at the end of the play, and run back into the huddle.  I'm also digging the low-key touchdown celebrations where, again, the players toss the ball to the ref and celebrate.  Part of it is the, "yeah we've been in the endzone before and we're coming back soon" aspect of it, and part of it is the " we want to run the next play really quickly aspect of it."

But why do most other players seem to think there is something cool about making the refs run after the ball after plays?  I'd love to see a ref flag some kid standing two feet away from him who insists on tossing the ball to the side rather than handing it to him.