Logistics question for Saturday

Submitted by ChalmersE on October 13th, 2009 at 9:19 AM

A colleague of mine, who played on Steve Spurrier's Florida National Championship team in the 90s, is going to the Big House for the first time on Saturday. He is, however, cutting it close. He's flying into Metro with an arrival circa 9 a.m. and renting a car. Since I generally go to the games way ahead of time -- and have a parking spot -- I'm not sure what I should tell him in terms of which exit off 94 to take or where to go park. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance.



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If he comes straight out, it should be plenty of time for THIS game. I would suggest the 175 Saline/Main exit, because it seems to have less back-up than State does. If he's here by 10 I imagine he'll be facing light traffic. It'll probably be a late arriving crowd.

Where to park depends on where he's going to meet people (you?), and how much he wants to pay. That early Pioneer should still have parking. Heck, the Golf Courses too. But the more he's willing to walk, the less he'll pay. Before the High School there are side streets and Church and Property lawns he can park on across from Busch's. Heck, go down to across from Whole Foods and there are side streets you don't even have to pay to park on. But a bit more of a walk.

Lots of parking on campus area, but the twists and turns and narrow house parking lots makes for a lot of in and out time. But like I said, it depends on whether he's going straight to the Stadium, or meeting you all.


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I actually suggest Taking State Street. State is exit 177 (first exit after 23) and Ann Arbor-Saline/Main Street is the one after that (exit 175).

The reason that I suggest State is because there are lots of smaller parking lots to park in for $10-$20 whereas Main would require parking at Pioneer ($35 I think) or parking about a mile away and walking.

If he doesn't mind paying about twice as much for parking, Pioneer might be the best for him as it is certainly the easiest. However, if I was in the situation guiding the friend, I would say State street.


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There are plenty of small lots on Main where you can park for $15 or so. The driving range comes to mind, or there is that office park on Scio Church that I think charges $20.

I sometimes park at an apartment complex on Main that is one of the last that does not have someone at the entrance checking if you are a resident. This particular complex does not use a pass of any kind, so as long as you park closer to the entrance (and away from the leasing office) you won't have any problems. It's about a 25 minute walk from there.


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If it's one of those past the driving range on Main proper headed towards the mall, more power to you. If you're talking on Saline across from Whole Food strip, there's actually a residential street down past the complex (closer) that will let you park early before the game for free, don't have to worry about leasing offices, and is about a 25 minute walk.

Wolverine In Exile

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They'll have traffic updates every 6 min on the way in. If 94 is backed up bad due to an accident when he arrives, you can always give him the "backdoor" to Ann Arbor:

- I-275 N to M-14, M-14 to US-23 south to Washtenaw Ave W.
- Tell him to turn on South Industrial and park at the bowling lanes or other lots around there.


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Parking on South Division between Hill and Hoover you can usually find some spots. I know my buddy has a house on S. Division and Benjamin and always has 1 or 2 spots left over to sell. $20 I think is what he charges.


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Get off at State Street. Park at Briarwood Mall and pickup the shuttle at Kensington Court. It is very cheap, easy to describe how to get to and drops him off right at the Stadium. If you are tailgating afterwards, someone will need to give him a ride back to Briarwood.