Logan Tully-Tillman to grad transfer

Submitted by trueblue262 on January 13th, 2017 at 11:41 AM

Kid's definitely not been shy about moving around the past few years, but thought it was of interest with the schools listed



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Here's a snippet from Lewan's recruiting profile (no "variance" value, unfortunately):

General Excitement Level: High. Good rankings, good kid, good fit. Not "very high" because it seems like he's got to do more development than most before he's college-ready.


Variance: Vast. Could be Long 3.0. Could transfer to a MAC school. (1974: Ouch -- that's vaguely prophetic.)

General Excitement Level: Uh, moderate? I do like the idea of adding a Tuley-Tillman to a lot of high-quality recruits, because if you miss on him oh well and if you hit oh baby. I'll give him a plus for getting all the way back down to 285 after the weight gain.


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Wait a second, we had this debate and I missed it?

I am kind of pissed about that honestly. I have thoughts about this one.

All the same, it would be interesting to see if LTT transferred back to Michigan - this is just my own interepretation here, but I would think that Harbaugh would take him back and give him another shot. 

Maize in Cincy

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I'm really confused.  I thought he posted a pic of himself graduating from Michigan last month?  I assumed he hadn't even been to Akron yet and was going to play there next year. 


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If he was only kicked off the team, that doesn't mean he was kicked out of school.

You can transfer up to 60 credits to Michigan (in LSA at least) and still get an undergraduate degree.

Most transfer graduates bring their credits from another university of community college, then do their Jr. and Sr. years at UM. It's possible to do it the other way around, so long as he completeted his concentration credits (all ~30 of which must be completed at UM) prior to leaving. Especially if he left after his 3rd year. Depending on what his major was, especially since a lot of NCAA athletes do general studies, it's not difficult at all.

Not saying that's what happened, but it isn't technically impossible.

I too was confused when he listed his UM-Class-Of graduation date.


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I'd bring him back in a minute. The kid made a mistake, but he isn't a rapist and shouldn't have his entire future decided by what happened during a drunken night of consentual sex. 

Further, if he had been a little smarter about it up front and asked for a lawyer immediately upon contact by the police, this likely never blows up. 


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What you have said is both logically and physically impossible. One cannot exist simultaneously in a state as both a former and a current member of Category X. Now, one can be in a state of flux between those two states, but cannot simultaneously be both. 

Anyway, let's try not to destroy the space-time continuum today whilst talking Michigan football, m'kay? :-)