Logan Tulley-Tillman moving to Michigan for senior year

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Per TomVH he's moving up with his mom and sister:



OL commit Logan Tuley-Tillman (@LoganTillman) planning to move to Michigan: 


Doesn't know where to yet, but not DeLeSalle because he plans on EE.





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great...Not sure how that will help him to EE, but seems to strengthen that commit substantially. Kinda reminds me of Ricardo Miller. I hope he sees time this season, bc he just bled maize and blue...


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thought this too... wary of any 4/1 posts - can we confirm if this is a legit news story? if i recall correctly he did say his mom was planning on moving closer to whichever college he chose to accept a scholarship to play football and get a degree... would make sense if he moves near ann arbor.... yet another step for LTT in achieving his goals. perhaps trips to core 6 no longer, but instead popping in to barwis instead senior year?

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ok cool can you DM me yur number?


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There is also an exception if the school you are transferring from does not offer the sport you want to play.  The school I attended was small and did not have a hockey team so a classmate would transfer to Sault Ste Marie for hockey season and then transfer back after the season was over and play baseball.


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LTT would be able to play right away in the fall. I actually moved from Green Bay Wisconsin my senior year to play basketball in Menominee Michigan and I was allowed to play without sitting out at all. As long as a parent moves with the kid into the district, that kid can see playing time immediately.


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If this is legit, I would assume he would be moving in with his aunt who lives in Michigan. Not sure where that is but I remember it being mentioned in an interview that he has an aunt that live ~20 mins from ann arbor.

EDIT: didnt see the moving with mom and sister part (still assume it would be whereever is aunt lives though)

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I would strongly doubt that he ends up at LP. If he's looking for good football in the downriver area, Wyandotte is prob his best bet. Southgate and AP aren't what they used to be. And if im not mistaken, I believe LTT is friends with Hunter Matt, 2012 EMU signee from Wyandotte. This isn't creepy knowledge, btw. I have a younger brother that goes to Wyandotte, and this is the scuttlebutt I hear


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Wyandotte had a good year in 2011, but saying Allen Park and Southgate aren't what they used to be seems a little backwards.  Wyandotte was winless in 2009 and 2010, then went 9-3 in 2011.  Meanwhile, Allen Park had a couple .500-ish seasons and then went 8-3 in 2011.  It just seems kind of misleading to tout Wyandotte when both teams had similar records last season while AP has been a much better team in recent years.


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they are definitely on the upswing since Adams took over. Pretty darn good coach he is, beats the hell out of Baker and Estella's reigns. They started improvements in the mid '00s and seem to continue them. I wouldn't be surprised to see them grow into one of the consistently better public schools in the area. They're a choice/open district, too.