Logan Tuley-Tillman VIsit

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LoganTillman Logan Tuley-Tillman 

Just found out i will be keeping my #72 in college Ballgame!!

Sounds like the visit went pretty well 



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I'd love Alabama to get this kid's signature next winter. I get the feeling he's a massive Michigan lean at this point however, even if he says Michigan and Bama are tied. Great strength at this point, which is great to see. A lot of times when kids are as big as Logan, they haven't developed the strength they should have. Good lateral movement, and from the film, looks like a solid hand punch. He actually went itno Saban's office on his visit, or the "place recruits don't leave uncommitted" room. I always say, if Tricky Nicky can't get you hooked on that first visit, than that kid is likely going someplace else.

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I hope you remain as even-keeled as you are right now in your future posts! I just have a bad feeling whenever we (the big 10) have to go up against the SEC for a recruit... Just seems like the vast majority of recruits, especially if they aren't from the midwest, get roped into the SEC. It may be that distance is what is keeping Tillman and other midwest recruits from committing initially to the SEC, but if they keep their recruitment open, like Diamond for example, it seems like they always end up down there for some reason.


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That Michigan and Bama go head to head for a recruit. The times we do go head to head, is because Saban offer everyboddy of any value. Having ::cough:: coached so many places around the country, he has established so many contacts, that he probably has the widest net of any college football coach. Take Richardson, Ross, and Jenkins-Stone for example. Alabama offered all 3. Would we get any of them? Absolutely not. What it does do however, is it keeps Saban connected, when there is an absolute star at that school, that Saban feels he can get. It's quite brilliant when you think about it. When you coach in a football hotbed state like Alabama, you can afford to take a risks on kids across the country. 


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He was actually back at practice in late November, and got in even more time during bowl prep. Ideally, I think Nick would love to get him on the field, even with the running back depth we have. Because Dee really provides you with an explosive option catching the ball out of the backfield. That being said, there are some rumors around campus, that he may not be long for the program. There have been a lot of rumors regarding Dee, and I think he's openly considering transferring. It has been a tough go of it for him, because Saban is  STARK difference from the envvironment that he was use to. A lot of people around the program, think he'll end up at Arizona with Rich Rodriguez. And when you see the passion in which Nick is recruiting running backs, you'd have to agree.


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Where is all this hero worship coming from?  The guy seems like a solid poster that has insight from another fanbase, but if you scroll down you'll see at least half a dozen guys propose marriage.  As a guy who seems like he can make good contributions to the board, welcome.  But my fellow posters sound like an IT department would if Megan Fox walked through the doors...

I'm not trying to knock the Bama guy, but guys, please keep it in your pants.


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he was at the hockey game tonight but he also tweeted that he would be visiting florida and fsu in like late june or july. I don't remember. So by hoke law, the only way he will be ours is when hes done visiting and that won't be til atleast mid summer. Aqua did say something about an all star game if I remember right. I will be interested if that time line stays the same if this class takes off like a bat out of hell like shane said in his tweet on NSD.


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I see moving forward is that "Liar" offers a ton of kids that are 5 stars and hopes some stick. My issue is we need to start offering up sooner to the for sure 5 star Mid West kids and not take our time w them, this year is a very very important recruiting year coming up. We nit only have to replace a lot of depth but also we need to fill needs. I look at next yr's class of WR and I don't think we have offered any if the top 5 kids at the position. Same w Ty Isaac we offer him but nobody else that's a legit 5 Star RB, waiting and seeing is gonna cost us in the long run. To many others are going to come in at the end and convince or flip our guys. I'm waiting and hoping this class for next year is a strong or if not better because we need to stock pile talent and get people talking again, as a die hard Michigan Fan, the last couple months of watching us miss on over 5 top prospects that most experts thought we had locked up already and to sit and watch them string us along as "Liar" poached everyone he could just kills me. I'm hoping for at least 3 or 4 Five Star kids in this class alone to help w RR disastrous classes we had.

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I agree about committed recruits - doesn't matter until signing day. 

But I don't think that's what everyone is talking about when calling Meyer a sleaze. I can't confirm all of this, but some of it can be comfirmed true - like the LSU test score story and the Jevan Snead story. I haven't found the Pouncey article, but Urban Meyer is the reason the NCAA had to initially put a limit on text message contact - so none of this seems out of character.

Urban Meyer is to overzealous and grey-area 'legal' recruiting what Houston Nutt is to oversigning.


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Flipping kids isn't illegal but Urban has already over signed. I realize he has time to "cut" players prior to the sprIng, but it appears he's already at least 2 players over. Given the loss of scholarships, it looks bad...though I blame the NCAA for that more than Urban.


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Michigan also offers 4-year scholarships.  They and most of the schools in the Big Ten (9 out of 12)  did this year.


Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northwestern and Illinois confirmed to ESPN.com that they have given out four-year scholarships to this class. Ohio State and Nebraska also confirmed on signing day that they are giving out scholarships that no longer have to be renewed annually. Purdue, Indiana and Minnesota are still awarding one-year renewable grants.

From:  http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/7528614/some-big-ten-off…


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"I look at next yr's class of WR and I don't think we have offered any if the top 5 kids at the position."

is not correct, unless you think James Quick, Robert Foster, Kevin Gladney and Marcell Atemen aren't potential top 5 guys and Laquon Treadwell, Jaron Dukes, and Marquez North aren't potential top-10 guys.

Regardless of that - they're all 6-1 through 6-5 receivers with speed and offers from the major regional BCS schools. Here's a list of 2013 WR offers (and NSD was Wednesday, so I'm sure more will go out):

Laquon Treadwell - 6'3 - Crete, IL 

Jaron Dukes - 6-5 - Columbus

James Quick - 6-1 - Louisville

Jake Oliver - 6-4 - Dallas

Kevin Gladney - 6-4 - Akron

Marquez North - 6-3 - Charlotte, NC

Marcell Ateman - 6-5 - Wylie, TX

Richard Benjamin - 6-1 - Tampa

Rob Wheelwwright - 6-2 - Columbus

Devon Allen - 6-1 - Phoenix

Uriah Lemay - 6-2 - Matthews, NC (Brother Lemay on Georgia)

Also, from what it sounds like - Jaron Dukes may be the next 2013 Michigan commit, so that would give us a nice big-bodied receiver to start this year's WR corps.


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Dude chill. Stars are for the recruiting services. Yeah they have a higher bell curve of being good but coaching makes the players. This staff has turned a walk on dlineman into an asset in less then a year. I believe whatever players we get be coached up the right way.


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Whether you realize it or not,  Urban Meyer at OSU is actually good for us... he is taking top recruits from PSU, MSU, Wisconsin, etc... ie he is resetting the dominance of the rivalry....  the players go to him which leave less space, and those extras go to us, leaving MSU, PSU, Wisconsin, none the wiser.

Why do you think MSU and Wisconsin have done so well these past four years?  It was true, that our recruiting took a monster hit with Carr his last two years...and its been said was because 1. Martin forced him to stay on two more years, and Lloyd didn't have the recruiting energy, and 2. Miles sandbagged us and told Eugene that Carr had onset of Parkinsons, which spread like wildfire among the elite people and recruits.  Then Martin hires RR, and RR acts like RR and MSU cleans up on recruits, and to lesser extent Wisconsin.

If you heard the recent complaints from Dantonio and Beilema, those are the cracks that are starting to form in the current heirarchy, and the natural order of things is returning. 

Thank and love Urban Meyer....or at the very least, realize that love and hate are the same emotion.


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I approve of this message, however did Ohio State ever really lose their foothold on Ohio recruits? Fickell never really had a "recruiting class". Meyer picked up the pieces of any missteps Fickell took and OSU never missed a beat.
<br>The credit for limiting MSU's and Wisconsin's inroads goes to Hoke and Co. Not Urban.


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This kid Mario Ojemudia, he's going to be a 1st round draft pick some day. If you can get him around 250, his edge rush value to a 3-4 team would be quite large. If you go back to when Jason Pierre Paul was in high school, he has almost identical measurables, with JPP being 2 inches taller. I don't think Mario will go up to 275, or even 260 for that matter, but I do think Mattison will want him playing at around 250 where ever he plays at. He's one of my favorite hidden gem recruits in the entire country. That's the type of kis Bama loves to get. A lot of athletic ability, and Mattison can use him in so many different ways. You guys will love to have him, especially with the style of offense the patron saint of student aids, Urban Meyer is going to run.

Also, why in the hell does Ty Isaac not get with the plan and commit to Michigan? He just screams "Michigan back" to me. Big tough physical kid, with great vision, who isn't afraid to block.