[LOCKED] Lamont Wade "Second Level"

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So, apparently the staff told Lamont Wade that he was a "second-level" player and needed to come to camp for an offer...now he says F U and he's the #58 player in the 247 Composite: 



I'm totally cool with the come to camp and so we can evaluate you part, but....tact!! This is an Urban Meyer move, and not that great of a look for the staff. 

MOD EDIT - I think we're going to lock this one just so the news stays here. I was hoping that maybe this one would go a little better than the first, but it isn't really, and I do in retrospect agree that maybe the first one should have been locked as a cautionary tale. My bad, folks. As always, we can talk about this one if you want. Either send a tweet or post in the mod sticky. - LSA




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That's because it was deleted, but TBH I really don't think this one should have been deleted. Locked? Maybe, but it is obviously relevant to Michigan, in a pretty significant way. I hope the mods elect to keep it up this time.


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Jumping at every but of drama and trying to crap on ][\/][. I see your response as an attempt to stir an empty pot.

"Come to Camp. We need to see you in person. We love to offer recruits after we see them on the field and off the field first."

Then a response of offense when someone doesn't get what they wanted right now. Recruiting is not the fast food industry. If you want to play for. ][\/][ then prove you belong. Otherwise, wave hello and have a nice day.

I would love to here the full story.

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Jumping to conclusions. Go lock yourself in the closet and watch ][\/][ highlights for the next 30 days. Refrain from posting, eat your cereal with gatoraid, drink whole milk, and jackhammer something...


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What is the "Buckeye move" in your eyes?  Not offering a kid hat doesn't sem to fit their needs, or sending out a later offer when he still hadn't camped?

You now perfectly well that they didn't tell him he was a "second level player."  He's just saying that because his feelings are hurt.  I don't think he is a fit for Michigan (he's better, it seems to me, in a zone coverge scheme) so I don't think it's a loss for Michigan to not have him consider M.  Good luck to him; hope he ends up in a system where his speed more than makes up for his height.  He's certainly got the skills to succeed.


August 3rd, 2016 at 11:15 PM ^

Not sure what a buckeye move is but please consider the source here. If you are over 25 yourself or have raised teenagers, your thoughts may tend to give the coaching staff a break here. Some teens hear what they want and use social media to state their dramatic reactions. Notice, I typed "some". Either way, maturity will come and this young man will find the best school for him. He has many choices.


August 3rd, 2016 at 10:21 PM ^

meh. I hated the Erik Swenson thing because they didn't tell it how it was (or at least it wasn't made public until it was too late). this time they did, so whatever. I frequently challenge my bosses to tell me how it is, instead of wanting them to mollycoddle me.


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So I guy they maybe hadn't scouted much if at all was at one time a "second level player" to the staff and they wanted him to come to a camp so they could better evaluate him. Heaven forbid coaches not be super interested in a player when they initially have limited or no data and then after they have more information and reevaluate they change their mind based on that new information. Such pure insanity to be honest and straightforward with kids!!

Hail Harbo

August 3rd, 2016 at 10:42 PM ^

Having raised three now thirty something year old sons, I can tell you that as teenagers not one of them had a problem embellishing a story if they thought it would help their cause.

Did it ever occur to you that the player in question might have taken a bit of umbrage at being asked to demonstrate his talents, and that he was the one that concluded that the only reason they would ask such a thing of him is because they considered him a second level player?


August 3rd, 2016 at 11:12 PM ^

Using the phrase "second-level" is specific / mechanical. The easier way to say it is "they're not interested in me", "they're not really recruting me", etc. But "second-level" is a mechanical phrase that implies a structure of some kind, which makes sense if you're a coach with recruiting plans/recruiting breakdowns. 


August 4th, 2016 at 7:59 AM ^

I see it more as.  Penn State or another school talking to him with something like  "so Michigan didn't offer you because they wanted to see you first. must be on the second level on there boards. well your top on ours!"