[LOCKED] Per Cornelius Johnson - Plans to "expand" offense

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For all of those who thought Shea was "speaking out of turn", sounds like plans are in works to get ball more to playmakers. https://twitter.com/SamWebb77/status/1081927242236727296 [edit:mgowill] This thread is now locked because it has jumped the rails.


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Sorry, tried to embed tweet from Sam Webb... Please delete if it can't be fixed.



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20 pts against Northeestern was not a good performance by the offense.


Purdue, Duke, Akron, Nebraska, ND, OSU, and Utah all scored more than that.  And MSU's electric offense scored 19 pts against them.


MSU finished 7-6 and Wisconsin finished 8-5.  They werent good teams this year.


We scored the most points against PSU all season with 42.  That was a nice win.

Honk if Ufer M…

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It saddens me that you you're saddened by that when it's obviously and indisputably true that the word IS both of those things. 

I find it almost impossible to believe that one can be smart enough to use a device to type on, to read and write with basic literacy, or, though I have no proof you can do this, to tie your shoes, but not understand perfectly that the way that word is used and meant is ABSOLUTELY based on, derived from, and implies those views and attitudes!

Please, god, give one possible explanation of the genesis of the word, it's meaning and it's use that is divorced from those meanings, implications or interpretations, that isn't obviously laughable bullshit!


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Unfortunately this is my sentiment as well.  According to the tweets from Michael Spath late last month there were a lot of things said before games and before the season started about how the offense would be run but those plans never came to fruition during games.


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At least the coaches realize and aren't in their own universe saying the offense is just how they want. But I also hold the same sentiment, I will believe it when I see it because implimenting said change is always the hardest part of change

Ger Sauden

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I think the same thing. Where is all the complexity we hear about. Blast the ball up the middle twice with Ben Mason. There was a great opportunity to do something complex instead. Make it look like a FB blast up the middle and do something else. 

But we see 2 blasts up the middle. I still sit back in incredulity how predictable that was.


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It’s like on that 3rd and 4th down Harbaugh said yep, we’re coming up the gut with Mason. And since defenses know they will be dared to stop ONLY that, they have been doing exactly that. 

Imagine had Michigan faked to Mason and quick shovel passed it out to Evans. He not only gets a first down but likely has one man to beat in the open field for big yards. Our coaches have to understand that possibility, but they would rather get a yard and break their will rather than take what you are given and mix it up. Mind numbing to watch!


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It's creativity not complexity.  It's also recognizing what kind of talent you have and utilizing them properly. The bowl game was absolutely astounding to me how they made zero effort to do anything different or gameplan for Florida.  It's a one-size-fits-all offense and that needs to change.

Honk if Ufer M…

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Not only did they think they could do the same old shit because, hey, it's been working all year since ND dubuh dubuh badoo, but they seemed surprised that OSU had actually STUDIED THEM and knew what we do on both sides of the ball!

You think I'm kidding or just being snarky? NO! Straight from a big name players mouth to me!!! To be fair he didn't SAY they were surprised that OSU was so well prepared, but that when he was commenting on and complimenting them for watching film, the way he said it made it sound to me like it was at least somewhat of a surprise and and a contrast to our prep!


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The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one.

So, we're making at least some kind of progress. 

Even if they are stretching the truth to appease recruits, at least they recognize that their current approach is not something to be proud of (and obstinate) about.


Honk if Ufer M…

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That's just not true, they can know that other people including recruits think it's true and that they needed to bullshit recruits in order to snare them while still being obstinate and still planning to do it their way regardless.

It's possible in the abstract obviously, but also since promising radical changes and modernizations but not implementing them is what they've done in the past, and since they are obviously stubborn in general, and proud of it, and believe that beating your head against a wall will eventually start to work as long as you stick with it for as long as the Afghanistan war, (remember the Drevno story about pumping the well?) then it might not be such a wild idea. Either that or it's just like Spath said.

However maybe a miracle will happen and the wolf will actually make an appearance this time, without all the crying!


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Kevbo1, my sentiments exactly. I'm not buying into anything coming out of the program this off-season until I see change executed on the field and in big games (doing it against cupcakes doesn't count). The biggest obstacle we have to change in offensive philosophy is the head man himself. JH is the one who tells the story of Bo making sure he was going to use TEs and FBs in his offenses when he told him he was getting into coaching years ago. Until JH evolves past that approach we're going to be behind the curve.