[LOCKED] Bama RB Najee Harris in Transfer Portal

Submitted by bluepalooza on January 10th, 2019 at 5:02 PM

Title says it all

[edit:mgowill] Locking this because there isn’t another source reporting this besides a fake Bruce Feldman Twitter account.


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That Bruce Feldman account that people are citing is a FAKE Twitter account... Where else are you reading this?


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I don’t wish ill on anyone but I feel a certain amount of schadenfreude when recruits who spurned us don’t pan out for our enemies.  

Blue in Paradise

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He was going to have to fight for the RB2 job in camp behind Josh Jacobs - who is massively underrated due to his initial star rating and some injury issues.


His brother warned him about this.  Not sure if I can find the quote but it was something like, "You will be the starter at Alabama for one year, you will start on Day 1 at Michigan and become an all-time legend".  OTOH, he does have a ring and 2 NAT CHAMP game appearances as a 3rd string back.


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Right there were some big time guys thinking this was factual and are now backtracking their way out of it. If they can be had by something like that then imagine a michigan fan who just sees this and goes “oh shit the mgoblog community is going to love this” and posts it before everyone else realizes what happened and bam you have shitty people on a message board giving the OP grief for not being the most thourough person researching a story ever in the history of the world


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Come on over! I’ll buy an “Alabama” shirt, fly down there, and call you a nasty name.  Deal?