LM3 at practice

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Leon McQuay tweeted he was at Michigan's practice today.  Let's hope that helps him make a decision for the maize and blue.



December 27th, 2012 at 11:26 PM ^

Well, I was talking about this year .... but thanks for the names nonetheless. So Jarrod Wilson & Denard are our two most recent "hat on table" selections? Thats a large time gap considering how many we seem to be involved with. I'm not saying anything bad about our recruiting, I'd just like to win some of those. It seems like all of the selections on TV are LSU, Bama, or Auburn lately.


December 28th, 2012 at 12:03 AM ^

I do agree with that. Shane Morris could have waited until whichever All-American game to pick the UM hat. In the end its all the same, and I get that. I am not saying that we don't get great recruits. It just seems like once we get down to the elite recruits at table time in the All-American games, they are all picking SEC schools, Cal, FSU, etc ... It'd be great to get one of those recruits to be the icing on this class. LMIII, Treadwell, Green ... whoever.


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There's a reason that people who have a tough time deciding tend to pick the south; it's warmer there. If you feel like you've got a lot of options that are roughly equivalent, and nothing is really standing out to you, you're probably going to go way down the list in terms of deciding factors. If you get down to weather, Cal and FSU's winters have a hell of a lot more women in bikinis than Ann Arbor.


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All I'm saying is there are lots of players that wait until All-American games to announce. It would be great to get one of those key, late additions ... and all the suspense and excitement that goes along with the hat selection. I think it was Cal. who had a nice run of hat selections last year, and I was thinking how awesome their fans must have felt. I realize that we have lots of players, who are already committed, playing in those All-American games. I also realize that a player is the same quality whether he commits in August or January. I think Hoke has been an amazing recruiter thus far. All I'm asking for is a shot at that excitement that comes with a huge pickup late in the recruiting season. Don't hate me for wanting some frosting on the cake fellas! lol


December 28th, 2012 at 1:32 PM ^

Touche ... I didn't say I wanted to trade recruiting classes with anyone ... I just want 1 of those big 4*/5* additions towards the end of the race. I'd rather have that than scrambling around at the end trying to fill holes. It's not a necessity or anything, just a luxury that would be nice to have. I think the Garnetts & Reeves of the world just left me a little bitter. I wants em all.


December 28th, 2012 at 1:28 PM ^

Good point, I just remember being at the gym & checking in on.the TV whenever there was a selection ... and for awhile it was Cal, Cal, Cal ... I thought I was in the twilight zone. I knew Cal had some decent classes in the past, but they were cleaning up on that day. All for naught though as you said.

Mr. Yost

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Bowl games

Michigan has played in 41 bowl games in its history, compiling a record of 20–21. Before missing a bowl game in 2008, Michigan had made a bowl game 33 years in a row, the second longest streak (as of end of 2011 season) in college football history.[84] From 1918 to 1945, the Big Ten Conference did not allow its teams to participate in bowls. From 1946 to 1974, only a conference champion, or a surrogate representative, was allowed to attend a bowl, the Rose Bowl, and no team could go two years in a row, with one exception.


Date Bowl W/L Opponent PF PA
January 1, 1902 Rose Bowl W Stanford 49 0
January 1, 1948 Rose Bowl W USC 49 0
January 1, 1951 Rose Bowl W Cal 14 6
January 1, 1965 Rose Bowl W Oregon State 34 7
January 1, 1970 Rose Bowl L USC 3 10
January 1, 1972 Rose Bowl L Stanford 12 13
January 1, 1976 Orange Bowl L Oklahoma 6 14
January 1, 1977 Rose Bowl L USC 6 14
January 2, 1978 Rose Bowl L Washington 20 27
January 1, 1979 Rose Bowl L USC 10 17
December 28, 1979 Gator Bowl L North Carolina 15 17
January 1, 1981 Rose Bowl W Washington 23 6
December 31, 1981 Bluebonnet Bowl W UCLA 33 14
January 1, 1983 Rose Bowl L UCLA 14 24
January 2, 1984 Sugar Bowl L Auburn 7 9
December 21, 1984 Holiday Bowl L BYU 17 24
January 1, 1986 Fiesta Bowl W Nebraska 27 23
January 1, 1987 Rose Bowl L Arizona State 15 22
January 2, 1988 Hall of Fame Bowl W Alabama 28 24
January 2, 1989 Rose Bowl W USC 22 14
January 1, 1990 Rose Bowl L USC 10 17
January 1, 1991 Gator Bowl W Mississippi 35 3
January 1, 1992 Rose Bowl L Washington 14 34
January 1, 1993 Rose Bowl W Washington 38 31
January 1, 1994 Hall of Fame Bowl W North Carolina State 42 7
December 30, 1994 Holiday Bowl W Colorado State 24 14
December 28, 1995 Alamo Bowl L Texas A&M 20 22
January 1, 1997 Outback Bowl L Alabama 14 17
January 1, 1998 Rose Bowl W Washington State 21 16
January 1, 1999 Citrus Bowl W Arkansas 45 31
January 1, 2000 Orange Bowl W Alabama 35 34
January 1, 2001 Citrus Bowl W Auburn 31 28
January 1, 2002 Citrus Bowl L Tennessee 17 45
January 1, 2003 Outback Bowl W Florida 38 30
January 1, 2004 Rose Bowl L USC 14 28
January 1, 2005 Rose Bowl L Texas 37 38
December 28, 2005 Alamo Bowl L Nebraska 28 32
January 1, 2007 Rose Bowl L USC 18 32
January 1, 2008 Capital One Bowl W Florida 41 35
January 1, 2011 Gator Bowl L Mississippi State 14 52
January 3, 2012 Sugar Bowl W Virginia Tech 23 20
Total 41 bowl games 20–21   940 831



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I love this prevailing assumption that playing a second-tier bowl game in Florida (or anywhere else) gives Michigan a substantial recruiting bump in that area. It's nonsense. How many blue-chip recruits will lean toward Michigan because they played a game in Tampa? None. 

Victor Hale II

December 28th, 2012 at 5:39 AM ^

Why would you consider this bowl crappy? We've gotten an excellent draw in SC; they'll be a great test of where we stand. IMO, it's the teams that make the bowl game, not the name, location, date, sponsor, etc. of the bowl itself.

By your logic, would the Orange Bowl be non-crappy? How would you rate the Chick-Fil-A Bowl? The Rose Bowl?


December 28th, 2012 at 6:48 AM ^

How many bowl practices are these kids typically going to?  Kids in Florida could go check out a dozen teams in Florida bowl practices, same for kids in Texas.

And are these practices open to anyone or does a recruit have to get an invite?  How does this align with the "dead period"?


December 28th, 2012 at 8:27 AM ^

I remember Brandon Smith choosing UM..Big Will was not going anywhere but UM so his wasnt any surprise..I dont care how we get them just that we get them..we have missed out on some big oppurtunity..the Josh Garnett and Armani Reeves announcements would have been big to get..however we have an amazing class and if we hit on one of DG or LM3 i think its the cherry on top..we are solid as we stand tho


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is going to come here. He didn't elaborate with specifics on-air, but said there are recent developments that led him to that view.

I also noticed on another site that supposedly Derrick Green is now saying he's interested in Miami of Florida. If he really is interested in that ongoing tire fire down in Coral Gables, it's just another sign to me that he's not coming here.