Lloyd Angry After ND Game?

Submitted by Shalom Lansky on September 17th, 2009 at 4:51 PM

I've heard reports that Lloyd looked really angry headed out of the Big House on Saturday.

Why might a man who witnessed such a TREMENDOUS victory by the program he devoted most of his life to sport such a sour look immediately after the game?

Some say it is because he wants Rich Rod to fail and beating ND does not = fail. To me this sounds highly unlikely. He wants RR to fail so desperately that he takes no enjoyment from a Michigan victory over Notre Dame? That is not the way of a Michigan Man!

Who knows why a man sports an angry look at such a seemingly inopportune moment. Could be any number of reasons. (Maybe Ms. Harris asked him why Coach Weis didn't use his two timeouts at the end of the game?) Does anyone have any insight on this? If not, how about a couple of made-up reasons using the word tremendous?

EDIT: I don't think Carr was angry b/c Michigan won, whether he likes RR or not, I'm sure he always roots for a Michigan victory. However, since the rumor is out there, I wondered if anyone had any inside knowledge.



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Maybe he got stuck in a room or elevator with someone from the FREEP.


Maybe someone yelled "Down in front!" to him while he was Standing and yelling and going nuts.

Ron Swanson

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RR is not Les Miles (so he shouldn't be pissed about his wins) and I thought Lloyd had something to do with his hiring.

I know a bunch of alumni who were unhappy how Lloyd stopped taking chances on offense late in his career. Maybe somebody said something along the lines of "how come you didn't have the balls to run this kind of offense?" People can be dicks and need to treat Lloyd with a little more respect. He probably wasn't mad at all and just wanted to leave without being harassed for autographs


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I have no idea what Lloyd thinks about Coach Rod and I generally frequent a different board other than this one, so I don't know what the consensus on his opinion is around here, but I'd just as soon not speculate about it.

Lloyd has said repeatedly that he doesn't want to make statements or get involved with the current coaching staff. I'm fine with letting him stick to that.


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Listen, I am one of those who thought Lloyd needed to hang it up in the last few years of his coaching career here. But that was purely from a product-on-the-field point of view. However, I have always admired Lloyd as a classy person, and I have no doubt he loves Michigan football. OK, maybe RR was not his favorite for the job, maybe Lloyd didn't like that RR got rid of almost all his staff, maybe Lloyd was extremely upset that we finished 3-9 last year, maybe Lloyd is sceptical of many things about RR in general... we can continue to speculate with more maybes here. At the end of the day, I find it hard to believe Lloyd hates RR to the point that he gets upset when Michigan has a big win. Seriously, as much as I was excited when RR replaced Lloyd, and as much as I'm loving me some Michigan and RR right now, some of the nonsense Lloyd talk should stop.

Section 1

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Of the thousand or so reasons that Carr might "look" angry -- not even confirmed if he was angry, at all! -- the DaVinci-Code-Type explanation that "he wants RR to fail" seems harldy worth mentioning.

Reasons for Lloyd Carr to "look angry":

~He always looks angry, even on a good day;
~Ninety seconds earlier, some ignoramus ND/Michigan/MSU/App.St. fan said something offensive to him;
~He just finished saying, "Uh, hi, how ya doin'?" to Drew Sharp;
~He and Mrs. Carr had to be somewhere for dinner at 7:30, and he wanted to stay and have fun with everybody;
~He just got a text message saying that his ride would be at Gate 7 instead of Gate 1;
~His back hurt;
~He lost a bet to Gary Moeller on whether Denard would run for 100 yards.

There are approximately 994 other reasons for Lloyd Carr to "look" angry. Lloyd Carr "wanting Michigan to lose" is pretty much at the bottom of the possibilities. Make up your own list of them!

If in fact it turns out that Lloyd Carr would like Rich Rodriguez to fail, that would be a big story, and one that I'd be interested in. I'd also be interested if someone had a story about a giant asteroid crashing into the earth before the end of RR's current U-M contract.

I am far more concerned about the asteroid scenario than I am about Lloyd Carr undermining Rich Rodriguez. There is much more hard evidence on the asteroid story.


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If that were true, it would mean Lloyd went to the game because he wanted to witness first hand how Michigan and RR would get embarrased by ND. He could have watched it at home on TV and fist-pump everytime Clausen completed a long pass. It makes no sense! Get real people!


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He was very happy and friendly and the crowd was yelling his name and stuff like "we love you, Lloyd".

He was driving his Lexus and going slowly while shaking hands. When I realized that, I started running toward his car and just then, some jackass yells, "Do you support him now, Lloyd!" a couple of times.

Well, that appeared to have pissed him off and he drove faster and stopped shaking hands, but I caught up to him and told him I was an alum and loved him as a Michigan Man, so he shook my and a few others' hands.

GO Blue.


September 17th, 2009 at 5:29 PM ^

I would love to shake his hand too, despite the fact that I like more the current coach. I don't understand why some people see things in black and white. After all, while I think he could have done even better as a coach here, he still did pretty good. It's not like he drove the program to the ditch or something. And finally, he was not one of those who still have a bug up their ass because they wanted Les Miles.


September 18th, 2009 at 8:44 AM ^

believing that anyone loves Michigan more than Lloyd. Everywhere he steps, he probably has memories. I can't believe that anyone would be rude to his face.

While I didn't always like his play calling or style of offense, anything and everything about Lloyd screamed his love for Michigan.


September 17th, 2009 at 6:02 PM ^

I'm sure he's not mad they won, but he may be a little disappointed not to be going back to the locker room to celebrate. I'm sure I've read quotes about how he would miss/does miss the being with the guys aspect of coaching. It's probably hard to be used to being a part of something and now to be more of an onlooker.


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Many say he was certainly not mad, but even if he was it wouldn't be the greatest sin.

Not everyone has the greatest poker face, and it hurts to be replaced. If you have ever experienced a situation when you realise that you are not (as) missed anymore, you know how that feels (most of us feel that the past two games validate the end of Lloydom, oui?). It hurts and that can show through the toughest exteriors. I wouldn't be shocked if deep down he really wants his replacement to fail in spite of what decorum demands.

If this really is the case and he is angry, as long as he does nothing to undermine the program or make things public, no one should care.

Big Boutros

September 17th, 2009 at 7:15 PM ^

BRO! Do not propose that Lloyd Carr seeks Michigan failure. If there is one thing in this world that Lloyd Carr wants, besides a good pair of wool socks with a high thread count, it is the success of Michigan football. He is a gentleman among gentlemen and I presume his scowl, if present in any capacity, was a scowl of PRIDE and MIRTH and TREMENDOUSNESS.


September 17th, 2009 at 7:19 PM ^

Lloyd is guilty only of loving Michigan and stepping aside when he determined it was in the best interests of the program that he do so. Btw, he also brought us our first national championship in 50 years. RR is being paid $2.5 million to be responsible for the program now. It is time to let Lloyd retire in peace.


September 17th, 2009 at 7:35 PM ^

Lloyd isn't emotionless. He laughed and waved at me the other day when I was driving and he was in the oncoming lane. It was early in the morning and I was preparing for a 3 hour drive to pick up some friends and BOOM there's Lloyd. I'm sure my facial reaction was priceless.