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Submitted by Florida Blue on September 27th, 2014 at 8:32 AM


I just moved into a new home and I don't yet have cable.  I wanted to know if anyone could steer me toward the best web site to stream sports.  I tried this Thursday night but I think I picked a bad one because it kept asking me to update my media players and also downloaded a bunch of crap onto my computer.  I had to do some major cleanup afterwards.  Anyone know of a good safe place to stream today's game or games in the future?



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When navigating the world of online streams assume everything on your screen is a lie and every link is really an ad.  With some experience you'll come to recognize the real buttons (usually small) vs the fake ones (giant "DOWNLOAD" or "FREE HD STREAM" buttons).

On , just clck the event and then play the "click the x" game where you have to close 3 or 4 ads that cover up where the stream will play. Sometimes the x's can be hard to see. You will never have to download anything or leave the page that opens when you click that first event link.

Welcome to the internet!  :)

Blue in Time

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But would advise not to download the application. Just go to the American FB page and click on the game. A drop down will give you link options. Let us know if any of these suggestions worked for you. Go Blue. 


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but now they made it so the site doesn't work with AdBlocker on and that website is terrible for ads and pop-up ads. Definitely not as nice as it used to be but if you wade through all the crap, the sports are still there somewhere


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it's something like that, search vipboxtv in google, it'll come up. Plenty of adds and some popups but no viruses or malware in my experience. I live in Columbus and can't usually watch michigan but I use this site to watch tigers games.


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I use fristrowsports with ad block on firefox and it works for me.  I just tryed it agin now with no issues. 

I also just tried a link on stream2watch posted above with no issues and it did not ask to download anything.  The  viewing was blacked out with a small x in the view area I needed to click the x then the video came through.

Good luck.

Go Blue!!!


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First Row works fine on Chrome with uBlock. There's usually at least 2 or 3 different feeds -- it takes all of 30 seconds to find the one with the best image quality.


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