Live Film review with Devin Gardner & Michael Spath Royal Oak and Ann Arbor

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I just returned from watching Devin Gardner break down the film of 15 plays from last Saturday’s game. This happens at 6:30pm every Thursday at Tap House in Royal Oak and earlier in the week at The Grotto Ann Arbor and next week also Weber’s Inn. 

These are put together by Michael Spath and are very friendly to Q&A. I learned a couple interesting things from Devin and it’s fascinating to hear how a player like him sees things when watching a game. 

Devin told me to post this and invite all of you to attend next week and the rest of the season. 



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Do people know about this? Because I like to think I listen to a good amount of WTKA content but it’s always in the morning on the way to work, so after 10am when Spath is on I’m either listening to Pandora or your moms voicemails, so I don’t know about cool events like this.


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Things I found interesting: 

1. Devin described the difference between a gap blocking pass pro scheme and a slide protection. He thought part of the problem of free runners at Patterson might have been miscommunication between the RB and the C or the center calling a slide the wrong way because he misread the blitz. 

2. His observation of big Proche TD against Hawkins was that David Long accidentally faked Hawkins out. Long’s receiver was very physical at the line and got Long off balance which might have appeared to Hawkins that Long was opening his hips to switch and cover Proche. Gardner said this is not something a defense would ever do but Hawkins may have 2nd guessed himself in the moment because Long is experienced and Hawkins is not. The video seems to support Gardner’s theory 

3. Why teams run into stacked boxes?!? Gardner explained that first, M was trying to establish keys for the SMU defense to read later when M would screw with those keys. Additionally Gardner pointed out that protecting a lead in any game nearly always requires, at least for a play or two, running into a stacked box when everyone in the stadium knows you are doing it. One benefit of Harbaugh pounding it against SMU is he starts to get a feel for how the team might respond in those moments and is giving them the chance to live rep the challenge of blocking 8-9+ boxes. Same goes for short yardage situations. Harbaugh knows the FB dive is likely to work but they still need a couple changeups off that and need to be certain who they can trust in those moments. Let Evans/Wilson/Higdon or Thomas/DPJ show you who can be trusted on 4th down and short. 

Lastly,  we reviewed the 4th down play where SMU quick pitched and beat everyone to the sideline. Gardner lamented that when M tries to run the running backs to the edge M has put it on film too much with too few adjustments to it so teams are likely to stop it more than SMU who (according to Devin) had never put that play on film prior to coming to Michigan. 


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Space Coyote,

remembering the same stupid news story you reference I did cackle with knowing glee quietly to myself when Devin was explaining this last night and said the Mike and someone (possibly Spath?) said “could you please point out who you mean?” And Gardner walked up to the screen and pointed at the guy and said “this is the Mike” 


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I've attended both weeks in Royal Oak so far and plan to continue going, as long as my schedule allows.

I'd echo everything that OP presented and add that both weeks have turned into more than just film review. The first week (after the western game) there maybe 8 of us who showed up and DG/Spath were more than happy to sit down for one-on-one conversations. Last night there was a larger crowd, so not as much personalized interaction, but it made for a better overall atmosphere.

Also, anyone who might question if this is an event for the family and/or significant other will be happy to know there have been families/wives/girlfriends both weeks.


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Hey guys, glad that you enjoyed the film review. Devin and I are having a blast doing them. The one at the Grotto in Ann Arbor is every Tuesday at 6pm. Royal Oak Taphouse is every Thursday at 6:30pm.