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Submitted by umbig11 on November 24th, 2016 at 7:58 AM
Some of you may have missed what I posted yesterday in a thread that was deleted by the Moms. Therefore. I am re-posting the good news for the board to enjoy on Thanksgiving with some additional nuggets. WS practiced again yesterday and moved the offense very well. He accounted for at least one TD pass during live action. You can expect WS to play on Saturday along with JO'K and it's no secret that Peppers will also take his share of snaps from the Wildcat. On offense, expect several unbalanced and heavy sets to protect WS/JO'K and to jump start the running game. Think Harbaugh and Stanford! There will be a lot of quick throws to the receivers, but Michigan will take their shots as the OSU defense loads the box. The defense will be aggressive and the players are fairly healthy. Glasgow and Mone have not been 100% since the Illinois game. Hurst has played with a nagging injury all year, but he is close to 100%. Hill, McCray, and Stribling were a little banged up after Iowa, but ready. Contact in practice was very light this week and today's practice in front of the players families will be more of the same. The QB decision will be decided before Friday's walk through. Basically a gameday decision. Go Blue!! BEAT OSU!!



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I can't be the only one who doesn't really want to hear this, right?  He's either lying to us and there's no purpose for this thread, or he's telling the truth and exposing stuff that shouldn't be coming out.

If you don't think there are people on both sides reading every article and trying to parse out what is accurate, you're crazy.  These teams both have virtually unlimited resources...


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I think you're overthinking it. Either way OSU is planning for OKorn or Speight or both regardless of "inside info" leaking. Meyer doesn't have his level of success by banking on just Okorn playing with virtually every outlet, including Harbaugh, saying Speight is day to day.

So this adds zero value to OSU and is interesting for UM fans and something to get excited about...

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Maybe this so called leak is being put out there to fool the OSU staff and Meyer. I mean who can prove it a lie or truth beside the leak himself. So Meyer throws all the O'Korn films in the can and gears his preperations for Wilton starting and finishing. (As the plot thickens)

Then we have the double cross where this ruse comes to an end with O'Korn racing out onto thr field. The roar is so loud in A2 that the players can hear it in Columbus then O'Korn goes off (because the Bucks came unprepared, they totally thought that W Sp8 was gonna win The Game) like he did in Houston and never looks back MVP, in The Game, B1G Championship game, and the NC, Game. Final. And as always Go Blue!


November 24th, 2016 at 8:42 AM ^

it has never been; the Big Ten Championship and after that if we win it, the Playoff for the National Championship. I would very much like a win in the 'Shoe as well.

The stakes are huge!!!

This game is always big, they don't call it 'The Game' for nothing, but the possible glory we could obtain with the win, or the devastating gloom of being denied by 'Those guys' with the loss...I haven't felt this nervous since I was a kid back in the Bo and Woody wars.


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What are your thoughts on Mr.Lewis in at WR?

If memory serves me correctly, there were a couple videos of him making crazy catches earlier in the year.(May have been during a practice)


November 24th, 2016 at 8:54 AM ^

Not now.  J Lew is needed on defense - he shuts down half the field, and will probably shadow Samuels on most plays.  That's where his focus needs to be.

If Darboh and Chesson weren't so good, I think we'd have seen Lewis on offense already.  Fact is, he's not needed to bring athleticism to the offense as a WR.  Peppers gets time as a RB because we needed athleticism at that position, at least until Evans and Higdon could earn some PT.  Now, the Pepcat is a change of pace for a spark.


November 24th, 2016 at 8:29 AM ^

All I can say is I hope they have some wrinkles for the pepcat or I would rather never see it again. I think it helped contribute to the loss at Iowa. It's become a detriment to the team because it's so predictable. Having said that, I'm sure there's something they're saving for OSU... But I would have rather them used something new and exciting at Iowa to help them not lose. I don't understand being willing to take a loss when there are some new plays they can use. Particularly when all they needed was one damn first down.



November 24th, 2016 at 8:36 AM ^

You really think Harbaugh decided to take a loss over running a play?  Whatever...  Maybe they haven't practiced anything other than a Peppers keep, so they can't run something different in a game?  I'd rather they run plays they practice...  It's pretty sad that you'd think Harbaugh would decide to take a loss for any reason.

That aside, I'd also rather not see the Pepcat unless it does something different.  But I'll trust Harbaugh...


November 24th, 2016 at 9:47 PM ^

I would imagine there's a wrinkle. But we didn't see one against Iowa when all they needed was a first down. That says to me there is no wrinkle. If there's not, they need to shit can the pepcat. If there is, they should have used it. My ultimate feeling is the pepcat needs to die a fiery death.


November 24th, 2016 at 8:47 AM ^

Great news & post, but I've gotta agree on this one. If this is accurate info, isn't this going to get out to OSU at this point? Basically telegraphing the offensive game plan 2 days prior to the game isn't great strategy. I'll take a narrow win over OSU instead of learning practice intel early if it makes a difference at all. If Mods feel the same way, I'd rather have them delete this again before it finds its way to the OSU practice facilities.

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