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Well, Adidas has the (apparently) lightest shoe on the market right now and I found it funny that Denard wasn't wearing it.  Until now -- pretty sure those are them. I thought ESPN mentioned on Gameday that Denard couldn't get new shoes because Adidas had to custom make them with the velcro.


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This thread has the exact same subject as my previous response to a post earlier this morning title "Indian fans behavior" - I pasted this same photo and attributed thoughts to each of the Indiana defenders chasing Denard.  Of course, the mods took that thread down since it was a duplicate of a previous thread from yesterday so I have no evidence with which to prove my copyright infringement claim against Firstbase.  Damn you, Firstbase and mods!  (I jest, of course)


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This question was asked by my friend.

In a 100 yard race endzone to endzone, how much of a head start to you need to beat DROB?

Curious to know I ran a 4.8 in high school, although that was almost a decade ago. I think I need 30-35 yards with a photo finish. Which is said that I need a third of the field.

I admire the kid from IU for running it out. I would have given up.

Undefeated dre…

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Assuming neither 40 time is FAKE!...

You can't really do this, but for simplicity let's pro-rate Denard's 4.3 and OP's 4.8 to 100 yards. (typically a true 100 yard time will be much less than a pro-rated 40 time). And let's further assume the 40 times are in full football attire (I know).

Denard covers 100 yards in 10.75 seconds, and OP covers in 12 seconds. OP would need to run 10.5% shorter distance 1-(10.75/12)  to have a tie. Meaning, OP would need just a 10.5 yard head start.

Of course, Denard probably has more stamina than OP, and has a better translated 100 time. How slow would you need to be in the 100 to need a 35 yard head start? Again assuming Denard runs a 10.75 hundred, you'd have to run a 16.5 second 100, or a por-rated 6.6 40, to need a 35 yard head start.