Little help here -- where to sit at Wisconsin

Submitted by 1M1Ucla on September 21st, 2009 at 5:29 PM

We're looking at taking a group up to Madison for the game and are wondering where is a good place to sit at Camp Randall? We're rather sit with Michigan people than go for better seats with Badgers. Any advice from the good folk of the Board?



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When I went, the north end of the upper deck had a large contingent of Michigan fans. I'm not sure if Camp Randall has visiting fans in the same spot or not.

It was section KK or LL. Avoid sections J-N if someone offers you tickets. Those are the student sections. You probably won't actually be allowed to sit there.

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anyone can use student tickets at Wisconsin, there is no validation or ID showing. They are vouchers that you exchange at the gate for a ticket, so the earlier you show up, the closer you can sit. I sat in the student section two years ago, maize and blue head to toe, and had no problems (except the problem of losing). Student tickets might be an affordable option, judging form the waning interest in Wisconsin football around town here, even at 3-0.


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i went two years ago and i think the michigan fans were low in the corner by the field house facing the press box, which would be around section y2, y1 and x


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Do yourself a favor and don't sit anywhere near the student section! Also stay out of the end zones as they don't go to0 far up and you can't really see much. Other than that, there really isn't a bad seat in the place. If you are looking at the stadium view map on Stub Hub, I know a lot of Michigan people sit in the bottom left corner of the end zone. Hope that helps! I am also going to the game and have been looking for tickets. I know Craiglist and eBay have a few tickets for sale.

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Parameter, PARAMETERS!

Wisconsin games have a habit of being sold out, expecially for big games. If you've got a group of more than 5, could be trouble getting tix that are together.

You might try the intranets. They'll have stadium layouts and such. Also, they might have a "phone number" for you to call the stadium and ask questions like, "Where are the visitors going o be seated?" "Do you have ticket packages" "Just where the hell IS Wisconsin? Is it like, on top of North Dakota or something?"

Just some thoughts. I know this board is good foro every kind of advice, from how to cook duck a'lorange to how to fix the wax ring on a toilet, but I'd try The Source Direct if it were me.

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I thought that visitor tickets were in the lower rows of Sections V-W-X, which is indeed toward the field house, but on the same side of the field as the Press box. Near Bucky's Locker Room or whateevr they call it. It's really Kellner Hall.(Easy to mix up the Press Box side, because there are windowed boxes on both sides of the stadium.

The Michigan Alumni and Victors Club tickets haven't been distributed yet, so I can't tell you where they are this year, as yet.

The Spartans visit Camp Randall this Saturday. You could pose the question to them possibly.


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And sat in the UW student section. I would recommend it although not too many Michigan fans though...

So I guess this post wasn't helpful.. With that being said I also remember (after consulting a seating chart) a large contingent of Michigan fans way up in either Section KK or LL. I remember that that seemed to be the student section for Michigan fans and how the Wisco students around us yelled at them and said that we were nice and courteous fans (and then the same guy who said that almost pee'd on me oh Wisconsin).