A little early, but does anyone have suggestions for traveling to Minneapolis?

Submitted by Walter Sobchak on September 27th, 2015 at 7:51 PM
The wife and I are making the trip this year. I'm looking for suggestions as to where to stay? Where to tailgate? Any useful information very appreciated.



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If you're going to fly, do sun country and fly out of Lansing. Cheapest and quickest. Small terminals on both ends so no long lines. I don't know about the tailgating, but will find that out soon. I will be there with a group of 8. Lots of hotels around. If you're renting a car near the mall/airport is maybe your best bet for a nice place.

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Crescent Moon Pizza- worth finding if you are there for several nights.  Nice mix of middle eastern spice and pizza.  they have traditional college food... but some of their other dishes are a nice suprise.


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You can easily stay in either downtown area and take the train to the front door of the stadium. You will want to make sure your hotel is located in some proximity to the green line. St. Paul is a little quieter and old school while Minneapolis is a little more new and trendy depending on what your thing is.

Wolverine Pride

September 27th, 2015 at 8:39 PM ^

Easy to get to and plenty of room. Free shuttles to and from game. By far best place unless you can snag a season ticket holders parking pass for next to stadium. Find hotel close to Hamlin college, fair grounds a few miles away.


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Tailgate on the Saint Paul campus of the U of MN adjacent to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.  The U of MN runs a shuttle bus service from this location along a dedicated transit route to and from the stadium.  It's easy in and easy out.  Much better than trying to tailgate in the limited space available on the Minneapolis campus.

Also, remember you have light rail as an option as well to get to and from the stadium.  If you decide not to tailgate on the StP campus, you could simply get a hotel room anywhere along one of the light rail lines, including down town St. Paul or Mpls.  St. Paul is quieter but Mpls has more of a night life.  All depends what you are looking for.

The Bandanna Square Best Western isn't bad and is pretty close to the St. Paul Campus.  It's set in a converted train maintenance building. 



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Wolverine Pride also mentioned this. It's a good suggestion; it neglects to mention that the fairgrounds are the only real tailgate location available. The tailgate scene near the Stadium is extremely scarce, and the few lots that even exist are limited to pass holders. This is an issue of some debate amongst the fanbase, but there just isn't the space for it nearby.


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because the planes exit door was frozen shut at the gate.

my advice is to stay home.

Unless we're going to win the game & then I'd say totally go!
Just pack de-icer.
& a Halloween costume.


September 28th, 2015 at 9:22 AM ^

I attended the first half against Kent St. and then seeing their close call with Ohio I'm not sure we won't pitch a shutout against them.  Their O is stagnant to say it nicely.  Yeah, their D is good, but as long as we score once we should win.  Okay, now we're screwed.  You all can blame me now.  Their D looks legit, but that O....  Holy cow.  I think our O last year was better.  


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I was in Minneapolis for a conference in June and stayed at the Grand Hotel in downtown. Nice old place and convenient. I recommend the Surly brewpub in St. Paul, or maybe it's right next to St. Paul, I liked that place a lot.


September 27th, 2015 at 9:12 PM ^

If you want an urban surrounding, any of the chain hotels in the Minneapolis city center are great. Two downtown restaurants always stand out for me: The Butcher and the Boar; and Ike's. Lots of other great places too, but those are my favorites.

If you want tailgating food, try Kramarczuk's. Some of the best sausages and deli meats you will ever eat (they've been featured on many travel and food shows).

Walter Sobchak

September 27th, 2015 at 9:29 PM ^

Thanks everyone for all the insights.

We are going to drive out Thurs night and stay with friends in Chicago. Then Friday and Saturday in Minneapolis. We were trying to decide between staying downtown or the suburbs and come in to tailgate.

With the light rail, downtown sounds like the best choice.


September 28th, 2015 at 9:18 AM ^

Downtown is awesome as long as you're in the right area.  Some of it isn't so "nice."  You can pretty much walk anywhere you want to go either inside (skyway) or outside in the street.  Only problem with the skyways, they're a maze and you can get lost pretty easily.  At least I could ha!  We stayed at the Hilton when we came up to look for houses and it was very nice.  Puts you in a good part of downtown too.  


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Just moved back to MI from living in MPLS for 2 years. By far my favorite restaurant was Bar Le Grassa. Check that out and maybe grab a burger at Eli's. If you have the time check out the NE and do a brewery crawl.


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I was at the Bank for DG's coming out party in 2012.  They sell beer there, so if you like in game beer bring money for it.

Dress warm.  There is lots of open space in the stadium. I saw a tumbleweed in one section.  Maybe it will be better this year though.


September 28th, 2015 at 11:09 AM ^

Not likely. I checked on Saturday, there are plenty of tickets available from the ticket office. Big swaths of the upper deck corners are unsold; this almost certainly won't sell out.

Dressing warm is good advice. The game is at night, and the temperature won't be mild. I was at the same game you were; the stadium itself is unspectacular but pleasant, and I really enjoyed it.