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The echo chamber persists.  The Big Ten is not good, but is statistically better than the former Big East, the Big Twelve, and is about on par with the ACC this year.  The only conferences that really outrank us are the PAC and the SEC.  I guess the bowl season will tell us the full story, but it's become cliche to knock the Big Ten.  Where's the crowd knocking on the Big 12?


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At this point I would actually rather Sparty goes to the BTCG and beats Ohio and then gets smacked in the Rose Bowl.  I could handle media coverage of Sparty in the Rose Bowl much easier than a 25-0 Urban in the Rose Bowl and claiming some kind of pseudo-national championship if they win.

turd ferguson

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Actually, we should be good for awhile now.  When the Big Ten expands to 96 schools, we'll only play them once or twice per century, so this should carry us at least into the 2300s.


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After the loss to Malovent Sith University, the Jedis are  in a funk. Some accuse Master Yoda for staying too long and leaving the Jedi academy cupboard bare of strong metachlorian laden recruits. Others point out that new Coach Luke Skywalker needs time to develop his own group of padwans. Ousted Coach Hans Solo had an impressive offense with amazing last moment victories but a weak defense relying too much on tricks like hiding inside a giant space worm or clinging to Malovent Sith University's Star Destroyer. He also upset a lot of people in central campus on Corsucant with his shoot first policy.  With only victories over the Jawas of Tatooine State and Notre Dame as signature wins, Coach Skywalker at this week's presser noted that they had heart and would trust in the Force. "Try we will not, win we will or not, but no try. There is no try." This brought groans from the reporters declaring it typical "Jedi Coach Speak" and asking would he finally consider a coaching shuffle. Long time RB coach Fred Jackson, now into his 10,000th year as coach felt that there was some good prospects including one kid that would make us all remember Mike Hart of Old Earth.

rob f

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Are overrated. Give me two matching ones of a more convenient easy-to-handle size anyday. Regardless you of how much print-space they have on them.

Besides, two smaller ones supposedly would be easier to lug around---those big heavy ones look to be hard on one's back as the years go by.