Listen to Fielding Yost (audio)

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I've heard this many a time but for those who haven't, someone uploaded the 1940 NBC broadcast A Toast to Yost from Coast to Coast which was a retirement tribute.

Broadcasted nationally. To my knowledge, this is the only recording of Yost's voice online at the moment.

You can even hear the actual Meeshigun that Bob Ufer imitated.



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It's a very fine thing making the recording easily accessible. Perhaps we should have an archive of similar recordings here, organized for convenience.

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you're looking for, Esterhaus:

It's Dr. Sap's Archives, and it contains countless short videos highlighting great Michigan Moments and Athletes. It's just a great place to go for a Michigan Video Fix.

The good Doctor posts fairly frequently on MGoBlog, so you may have seen some of his videos occasionally. I subscribe to his YouTube channel and receive notification whenever he posts a new YouTube video.


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however, 10/19/40 was a Saturday, and Michigan beat Illinois 28-0 and moved to #3 in the rankings the next week.  Michigan finished 1940 with a 7-1 record and a #3 ranking.

The only loss was to Minnesota 7-6, and they beat OSU 40-0.

Also interesting to note that the game of 10/19/40 drew only 39,975 to Michigan Stadium. 


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Michigan was ranked #3 in the poll that came out on Monday, October 14.  Cornell was #1 and Texas A&M was #2, Northwestern was #4 and Tennessee #5.  It was the first poll of the season (they didn't have pre-season polls back then).…

Michigan did beat Illinois that weekend as you point out, and they maintained their #3 ranking.



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I really enjoyed this look into our history. It reminds me how our way of life has changed, yet people still have the struggle and joy, ups and downs as always.

This video was so interesting, I'm not even going to downvote WD because it was only in black and white.


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I once yelled for the spirit of Fielding Yost to rise up out of the turf at Michigan stadium and help us win a close game late in the 4th quarter. The game was 2011 ND. Mr. Yost must have heard my call!


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This is really cool, thank you for posting. I know we get mocked for believing football was invented before 1950 but it’s cool to get a sense for the long history of meeeeshegan football. Gives it some extra meaning, some element of timelessness, for me.

You Only Live Twice

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This got me a little chilled and weepy.  

People who were young and brimming with hopes and dreams over a hundred years ago and yet seem so relatable today.

This is the best university in the world.

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According to The Michigan Alumnus, Volume 42, they list on Page 169, it was a new campus song in honor of Yost titled "It's a Great Big Meechigan Day" performed by "Men of Note", the Glee Club's quartet.


The reference I found was dated December 14, 1935.



Look at page 169 for the paragraph about it.

Wolverine In Iowa 68

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October 31, 1935:

"The completed plans for "the big-
gest and best pep meeting we've had
in the last ten years" were announced
last night by Athletic Director Field-
ing H. Yost. chairman of the meeting.
Meeting in Hill Auditorium at 8
p.m. Friday, students and other sup-
porters of the Wolverines will hear J.
Fred Lawton, '11, composer of the
words to the march, "Varsity," in
the principal address. Mr. Lawton
will introduce his new song, "It's a
Great Big Meechigan Day," dedicated
to Mr. Yost and his pronunciation of
the word, which was heard for the
first time at the banquet of Detroit
alumni before the Michigan State

"The music for the song was written
by Oswald Fluemer, of Pontiac, who
will be here as a member of the quar-
tet which sang the new march in De-
troit, and which will introduce it to
Ann Arbor -students Friday night.
Should the quartet need help, or
should it be unable to appear, the
glee club is ready to step in and in-
troduce the number, Prof. David
M attern of the School of Music said


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interesting to have yost recognize some of the athletes he had coached in the audience and their then-existing station in life.  a lot of successful guys.  such a different time and their manner of speech.  we could use some of that now.

go blue! 


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This was an awesome listen!  As for the song, I've never heard that before.  But what I do remember was Ufer constantly saying that this would be a "great big Meechigan football day" on every broadcast.  I thought it was just one of his sayings, because he had so many.  Now I know where it came from!