List of Alumni Association Watch Parties and general questions about UM AA event atmosphere

Submitted by Butterfield on April 8th, 2013 at 4:28 PM

Thanks to user Bluebrains98, a complete list of AA watch parties around the country: 


I received an email from the AA's Phoenix chapter about a Championship Game watch party at Zipp's on Bethany Home.  Any MGoUser's going and, if so, any idea what the turnout at these types of alumni events are? Despite contributing financially and receiving frequent emails from the Alumni Association's Phoenix chapter, I've never actually been to an AA function so any help is appreciated. For instance, is it adult-oriented or family friendly?  Average age of attendees?  etc. 

Likewise, user MGoCombs has similar questions about UM AA events in San Diego.  His specific queries can be found below. 

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Haven't been there but Wolverine nation meets at Upper Deck/Blitz (they need a marketing course).  Good times there for the most part.  In old town Scottsdale.  I'll be staying home in Chandler since I've watched every game there & don't wanna jinx us.  Go Blue!!


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Maybe we can just turn this into an open thread. I am equally curious about San Diego's site(s), as I am on the fence about watching with the association or watching at home. I live downtown and all three of the sites are a drive from my apartment. I only want to go if I know it is going to be an exciting atmosphere, including game audio and critical mass of alums.


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Thank you, good sir. Sorry to threadjack with my own selfish post, but I assume a lot of people are in the same boat. We all (or most) know of the listed places from the association, but I am curious to hear from anyone who has actually attended something like this, preferably for a tournament game, so I can make a more informed decision.


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Thanks. That's what I figured and partially feared. I'd rather not drive all of the way to PB, but it might be worth it, given the occasion. I was there for the Florida game, but it was pretty dull. I didn't get there until the second half when it was clearly a blowout, so maybe some people had already left.

Wolverine In Exile

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Official umaa party @ bw3 in town & country center off stroop road.

Second party at kings table in beavercreek following end of midwest ohio broomball league playoffs approx 10p.

Wolverine In Exile

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At the kings table location if mine or one of the two other teams with significant um alums on the team win our league title tonight, we'll be drinking from our stanley cup replica at the bar... nothing like celebrating a hoops natl title and broomball league title by drinking bells two hearted ale out of a 16-in tall hockey trophy


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Thirsty Lion isn't the hippest bar in Portland (OR), but the turnout has been great lately! Too bad the weather is lousy and it'll be night time so I won't be able to bring my dog (Maizey Blue; duh) to sit just outside the door like I did for the Kansas game. 


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Just got into town for work.  Never been here and looking for a recomendation for where to watch the game.  Any ideas near downtown? 


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Any MgoUser's in Memphis?  I'm stuck here for work...that AlumniAssoc list shows a BBQ joint for the game watching site.  Checked the spot's website, their photographs look like an absolutely horrible spot to watch a game, basically in a suburban BBQ storefront / cafeteria.

Any head's up on better watching locales in MEM would be greatly appreciated. 

Cheers, and Go Blue!


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OK - debating going to the alumni association watch party tonight.

Here's the thing:

I've watched 4 of our tournament games this year at home.  The one game I didn't watch at home was at my in-laws on Easter Sunday when we demolished Florida (though I was unable to tune in until we'd built the 41-17 lead).

HOWEVER - the last timeI went to an alumni association thing to see a Michigan game was the 2004 Ohio State game.

Should I go??????