Lions Ownership Discussing Firing Jim Schwartz

Submitted by MGoVoldemort on December 30th, 2012 at 11:52 AM
ESPN's Chris Mortenson (contradicting an earlier report by Michigan's own Adam Schefter) is reporting that Lions ownership is having discussions about firing Schwartz. They're reportedly concerned with the severe off the field image hit the team has taken of late, along with the obvious disappointment of finishing 4-12 after a playoff year. @ProFootballTalk: A week after Schefty said Jim Schwartz is safe, Mort says Schwartz could be fired Personally, I'd just clean house and show Mayhew the door as well. Mayhew put this roster together, and has to shoulder as much blame as anyone. Also, if his draft record is to come into focus, he has clearly been unable to add starters in the secondary, line backing, or the offensive line. I think the playoff appearance last year masks a lot of porous drafting.



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Clearly every coach has been influenced by the GM. They must not feel in control. I have no other reason to assume why our lack of discipline has existed for years. I get players screw up but wow are these guys a mess. Fire every single decision maker in the building. When we took broyles over a solid DB that sealed it for me. Done with this franchise.


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They can fire all of the coaches and GM's they want, but until they fire the owners, nothing good is ever going to happen for the Lions.  Though he didn't own it until 1964, WCF has been running the team since 1958.  He took a team had won three NFL Championships in the 1950's and turned it into the worst franchise of the last fifty years.  

Even Tampa Bay had seven good years and won a Super Bowl.  The only thing the Lions have shown themselves to be able to do consistently and effectively is break the hearts of everyone who has ever been a Lions fan.


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I'd avoid the Lions like the plague. Since Ford assumed total ownership in '64, not a single solitary full-time head coach that Ford has hired has ever gone on to be a HC for any other NFL team. Considering the number of head coaches in the NFL since 1964 who have been with more than one team, that's a remarkable achievement (Dick Jauron coached the Bills after he left the Lions, but he was an only an interim Lions HC for five games in 2005 after Mariucci was booted).

Put it this way: Detroit is a coaching graveyard. That's where your head coaching career goes to die. When you're done coaching the Lions, your reputation is so damaged that nobody is going to think of you as anything other than an assistant.


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Sadly, I think only one person here mentioned our biggest issue. I haven't cared about the NFL since Barry retired but I still generally keep up and want the Lions to do well, I just became indifferent a long time ago towards the NFL in general. Anyway, the biggest issue is how the NFL added a rookie cap but didn't offer any temporary clauses for teams top heavy with high picks for the few years before it took effect. Sure, that is the Lions fault through their play but we have (IIRC) over 40% of our cap locked into 5 players. That is insane! How can this team not completely go through another "rebuild" by dumping all but CJ and still remain competitive on the free agent market? How can they not? Sadly, we have more holes than money to get decent players to plug them for the next 4 years unless we dump Suh, Avril and other guys that should be Lions. Sadly, I think Suh plays maybe one more year here and he is traded or more likely let go. Avril doesn't deserve what he wants so he has to go. Delmas only plays about 6 games a year anyway so he'll have to go. KVB should have been gone this year. Sure, the Fords suck and our staff is average at best. Yet, only a top-tier coach could keep this team competitive given our financial issues for the next half decade. Even then, after the 5 years it's a team full of youth. The Lions will be a 4-6 win team for the next 5 years regardless of coach.


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OMe on now, you know that's what you're secretly hoping for.  Bama destroys ND, Saban goes to Detroit, Bama falls apart, MIchigan rises to the top of the college football world.


Bama destroys ND, Saban goes to Jacksonville to revive the Jags, Chip Kelly leaves Oregon and comes to Detroit to bring the no-huddle spread to Detroit and Stafford throws for 6,000 yards and Calvin gets o 3,000 receiving yards and the Lions win the Super Bowl because no one can keep up.


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Can Millen be fired twice?  Mayhew has done an OK job, but Millen left this roster completely barren of depth.  This is going to take like 10 years to build something with any sort of depth.  Now, with all the offense they have drafted, they still need WRs and RBs.