Lions Ownership Discussing Firing Jim Schwartz

Submitted by MGoVoldemort on December 30th, 2012 at 11:52 AM
ESPN's Chris Mortenson (contradicting an earlier report by Michigan's own Adam Schefter) is reporting that Lions ownership is having discussions about firing Schwartz. They're reportedly concerned with the severe off the field image hit the team has taken of late, along with the obvious disappointment of finishing 4-12 after a playoff year. @ProFootballTalk: A week after Schefty said Jim Schwartz is safe, Mort says Schwartz could be fired Personally, I'd just clean house and show Mayhew the door as well. Mayhew put this roster together, and has to shoulder as much blame as anyone. Also, if his draft record is to come into focus, he has clearly been unable to add starters in the secondary, line backing, or the offensive line. I think the playoff appearance last year masks a lot of porous drafting.



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A gross exaggeration of what happened. Bill Ford Jr. had a lot of really solid ideas for Ford that were way ahead of their time (like developing hybrids and getting into the public transportation business). Ford was in a shit spiral and bringing in a first time CEO was probably a really, really awful idea. And Ford himself stood aside in favor of someone with more experience.  

The guy's an MIT grad, I'm pretty sure he can figure what it takes to get an NFL team running smoothly. 


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and start a franchise in Grand Rapids? Afterall, the Rampage were a better team than the Lions during that span until it folded. Build a stadium on the west side of the state and have the DeVos's run it. Their track record is much better than the Ford family.

Overrated Edit: west is the best, east is the least, central is mental and the UP stinks!


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But let's face it, the wealth, power and influence in the state are no longer on the east side. Even tne population is shifting toward the west. It only makes sense to put the sports teams where the people and resources are. Detroit may rise again some day, but it won't be in my lifetime.


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This isn't based on anything tangible. All of the wealth and power in this state are firmly entrenched in Oakland County, and everywhere outside of Detroit itself in the Detroit area posted growth at the last census. Grand Rapdisites can keep on dreaming, but odds are much better that Southeastern Michigan continues it's evolution into a polycentric urban area ala the Ruhr area of Germany. 


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From the OP: "Mayhew put this roster together, and has to shoulder as much blame as anyone."

Sure about that? The Fords (as others have noted, the common thread in all the dysfunction of the past fifty years) are legendary for their micromanaging. Don't assume that they weren't calling the shots on some of the picks and roster moves. It has happened before (three straight WR as first round picks, etc.).


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Yes, you're right, my entire topic should've been on firing the Ford's. While I completely agree that in the past, ownership has influenced draft choices, see Joe Harrington. But, for the sake of argument, now that Ford Jr. is more involved in the day to day operations, I think every draft since 09 has been Mayhew and company.

Cool One

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In a dream world the Ford's would sell to Illitch or someone. At least the Cunningham and Linehan should hit the road. Both are predictable play callers. Schwartz is immature as a coach and his team resembles that.


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Fuck it. Hire Nick Saban. After he skullfucks Notre Dame, of course.

I don't think Schwartz is going this season. Next year, OTOH, the hot seat is going to burn his asscheeks off. 


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I put the blame on Schwartz not Mayhew.  The Lions have playoff level talent (not Super Bowl talent, mind you).  There is no excuse for this team to be 4-11 and the amazing ways that they got to that record are mostly on Schwartz.  He has no control over his team.


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I didn't liked Schwartz in the begining, but after last year I came around to thinking that he might actually be the guy to bring the Lions around to respectability.  Instead I sit here in Wisconsin and have to watch the Lions choke away another game against the Packers and have to listen to people bitch about the Lions being dirty. 

Mr Miggle

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I'm afraid your imagination is lacking. Lions fans will approve of Saban or Urban if they win. In fact, why would any Lion fans be unhappy to see Urban ditch OSU after one season? Other than among the small contingent that are also OSU fans I think he would be a popular hire.


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I'm imagining your avatar speaking those words, and I like it.

Seriously, I guess you are all right.  If Urban would dump the Buckeyes after one year, most Michiganders would embrace it.  (The Spartan contingent will still hate Saban forever, or at least until that generation dies.)

Moe Greene

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In contrast to other years, are the Lions such a laughable product now?

* Have people at skill positions (running game not included)

* Have some pieces on defense (secondary not included)

* continuity in ownership (yeah, I know its the fords)

But compared to other slots that might be opening (NYJ, Cleveland, Jacksonville) and compared to previous years, coaching the Lions might be one of the better jobs out there.


NB: Sure, I'll do it. Sign me up.