Lions Ownership Discussing Firing Jim Schwartz

Submitted by MGoVoldemort on December 30th, 2012 at 11:52 AM
ESPN's Chris Mortenson (contradicting an earlier report by Michigan's own Adam Schefter) is reporting that Lions ownership is having discussions about firing Schwartz. They're reportedly concerned with the severe off the field image hit the team has taken of late, along with the obvious disappointment of finishing 4-12 after a playoff year. @ProFootballTalk: A week after Schefty said Jim Schwartz is safe, Mort says Schwartz could be fired Personally, I'd just clean house and show Mayhew the door as well. Mayhew put this roster together, and has to shoulder as much blame as anyone. Also, if his draft record is to come into focus, he has clearly been unable to add starters in the secondary, line backing, or the offensive line. I think the playoff appearance last year masks a lot of porous drafting.



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They're 4-11 right now. I'm assuming you're going with a loss to the bears today?

Not to mention all the injuries and inconsistent running game having an effect on the team.

Mmmm Hmmm

December 30th, 2012 at 1:02 PM ^ not underestimate Chicago's ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

That said, signs do point to a Bears win and a Calvin Johnson record, in which case I guess nobody leaves empty-handed.


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of the "Same 'Ole Spartans (SOS).  I know the Detroit and Lansing water supply is the one in the same.  So there is the tie in.  The Lions  err spartans are one in the sam.

Both have very good years then take a shit the next

Both have "off field" problems

Both have coaching staffs that are less than perfect

Both have leadership that is just plain inept

Both think they are "going places" and "wait until next year"

Both have a few good players that keep peoples interest; only to disappoint later

Both just dont know how to win.  Being a winner is a state of mind, its a place in space.  Winners will certainly lose a few games but they are always winners.  Lions err sparty always complains, always looking for excuses.

That is why I am proud to say that I have been Lions free for 5 years.  I go to counciling once a week to help me; but I am a better person for it.


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Would have been awfully hard for them to stay in business if all the major parts suppliers went under, which they would have but for Chrysler and GM staying afloat courtesy of the taxpayer.

Now, what was this thread about?  Oh yeah, the Lions.  Don't really care, never been a fan, don't know how Lions fans do it, frankly.


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When then CEO (and A2 resident) Bill Ford Jr. decided he was not the right man to lead Ford Motor Company and hired Alan Mullaly to engineer their turn around. You can go even further back to when Henry Ford II bought the Lions for William Clay Ford to keep him away from Ford Motor in the 1960's. Bill Jr. has the humility to actually help the Lions by finding the right person to lead and not be a yes man to him. 


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and lady, obviously, let's remember that there are Michigan faithful who love the UAW, hate it, and everything in between. Let's keep those opinions reserved for other venues and use MGoBlog for Michigan love, Ohio hate and of course cat pictures.


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Lets not forget that there are some people here that hate cats, and some that love cats. I am the owner of 3 dogs who would eat any cat it could, and I still find that photo personally offensive and politically incorrect. Please! Use some common decency when posting your cat pic.


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please may this happen, along with linehan and gunther and crossman going.,,,,keep shawn jefferson....cut raiola, peterman, backus, burleson. KVB, pettitgrew and titus not resign any free agent but sammie lee hill and franchise chris houston....

and mayhew and lewand both need to go as well


clean house