Lions and Wolverines unbeaten through September for first time?

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Some friends and I were curious about the last time the Lions and Michigan had gone this far into their respective seasons undefeated. The Lions haven't gone 4-0 since 1980. I emailed Greg Dooley (MVictors) this morning and asked what he thought. His response was that he doesn't think it's ever happened, and the closest he could think of was in 1970 when the Lions went 3-0 and Michigan was 9-0.

Just thought this was an interesting bit of information to share. Here's to a couple excellent seasons for both teams, and Go Blue!



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1970, looks like.




Week 1   Sep 20 W 40-0 at Green Bay Packers
Week 2   Sep 27 W 38-3 vs Cincinnati Bengals




Arizona   8/- 09/19 H W 20-9 80,386
Washington 10/- 09/26 A W 17-3 57,500


Or, if you accept unbeaten and untied, it's 1975. M had two very ugly - I was there - ties in September.


Lions '75


Week 1   Sep 21 W 30-16 at Green Bay Packers at Milwaukee, WI
Week 2   Sep 28 W 17-14

at Atlanta Falcons



Wisconsin  2/- 09/13 A W 23-6 79,022
Stanford  2/- 09/20 H T 19-19 92,304
Baylor  9/- 09/27 H T 14-14 104,248

Michigan didn't even play in September in 1939. In fact September games were rare or non-existent until the 50's for either team. Football didn't really start until after baseball.

You can double check the Lions here:

And the Blue here:


I could be wrong after all. Eyes are getting old.